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Samba Band Oxford

Rehearsals and Resources

The next Oxford session will be Tuesday 14 January, 6-8pm, again led by Tobias.
Meeting at David Maskells house at 35 Nicholson Road OX3 0HW for Tuesday Samba band practice.
Bus 13 starting from Oxford High street: stops at St Aldates (G3), High St (T2) or Queens Lane (K3), dtopping off at at Jack Straws Lane.
David thinks we can manage with his percussion stuff plus what ppl can bring.
Maybe Ed can bring snare drum?

Names, sounds and images of instruments: Surdo: large cylindrical drum with skins on both ends. Caixa: snare drum. Repinique or repique: a double headed drum tuned high played using a stick in one hand, with the other hand playing slaps and open tones. Chocalho: shaker with a metal-frame and metal jingles. Tamborim: one-headed drums ~6 inches in diameter played with a thin stick. Agogo: Two cone shaped metal bells both attached to a bent handle. Apito: whistle, Timba: a tall conical wooden shell with a plastic skin played with both hands.

drumming files from 1st rehearsal session taught by Tobias on Sat. 4th Jan

1. Introduction to Hedgehog
2. 1st Drum
3. Timbas
4. Agogo
5. Surdos,
6. Break 1 - all stop drumming for a 4 beat bar
7. Break 2 - all stop drumming for a 4 beat bar except for one chosen instrument
8. All - 4 minutes

Samba Camp:From Cat, Abingdon
Here is a link to the Eventbrite page for tickets to Samba Camp I expect most of the important details are there. At least 2 of us from Abingdon are going and it would be a lot better if we could fill a car.?
Here is a link to the XR Samba resources.?

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