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How to to copy lyrics from the Sop stave to other staves with Sibelius Program

1.  Full score in portrait mode with lyrics for all verses but only for soprano stave

2. Pick Landscape view showing complete score on one continuous strip.

3. click on first word of 1st verse -Sop – to be copied

4 . Go to Edit menu / select/ select more. This will select the complete line of verse 1.

«- Select more

5. copy

6. Select 1st note on Alto stave


7. Paste 1st verse on Alto stave

8. select first note in Tenor stave to copy too. This can be in any voice i.e. in alto, tenor or bass it will always appear as verse 1.


9. Paste verse 1 onto Tenor stave

10. Select first note on Bass stave

10. Paste Verse 1 onto Bass stave

11. Verse 1 is now copied from Sop stave to all staves


12. repeat to copy other verses onto other staves


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