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Songs for The Fellowship of Reconciliation Centenary 2015
17th January 2015, Saturday, at 2pm It is the centenary of The Fellowship of Reconciliation this year and to round it off, we're having a service in Saint Mary the Virgin University church on the High Street on .

For this January service we need music which looks forward to nonviolent action. The idea is to have music while people come in, to provide a backing to congregational singing, and to perform a couple of pieces during the service. It is a Christian church service, but there will be plenty of stories, very varied and very ecumenical.

Lay down your sword and shield,
We are not just against the fighting
Foolish Notion
1000 songs
This is my prayer for peace

Contents: Click for song sheets/sheet music or to play the mp3 files of parts or download as described below.
Lyrics & Song sheets
Aint gonna study war no more tenor - pno

Verses: unison,
chorus: harmony.
Foolish Notion-
for scores of each part.
Tenor speaking chorus.
Verse Tune (unison)

This is my prayer for peace (Shalom) - sgs version (round)
We've Sung a 1000 songs of peace
We are (for Peace) - (not just against the fighting)

tenor - SW


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