Welcome from the Sea Green Singers!

We are a choir which sings songs about peace, justice, rights, and freedom.

We meet on Monday evenings from 7.309.00pm, in St Columba's Church Hall, OX1 4EH
We sing for pleasure and solidarity, but also prepare for events on a wide range of issues.
If you do not read music this is not a problem as you will learn fast by listening.
Our website has all the songs we sing, in the form of scores and mp3 file recordings, to help us learn our parts, and to catch up on the Seagreen Singers repertoire. We can print out our own copies for the rehearsals.
We pay a subscription of £30 a term directly into the Seagreen account (details on the website), but this should not prevent people joining us if they find this difficult.
When we are working towards a singing event, members sign a list to indicate whether they are available. Once you are committed to an event, we have a principle that you must attend the last 2 rehearsals before that event as we will be going through the song-list for the event.
The group meets twice a year to discuss everything about the organisation of the group.
Please give your email details to Mike so that you receive all the necessary communications about rehearsals and gigs.

If there is anything that worries you, please ask: if it's about music, ask Sarah; if it's about organisation, ask Mike. If it's about something else, ask anyone! We hope you feel quickly at home in the group, and that you will stay with us!