SGS AGM Monday March 25th 2019
St Columba's Hall 7.00

Present: Ruth, Mary R, Sally, Eliane, Bridget, Ange, Marie, Hazel (Chair), Mena, Sarah L, Sarah W, Tom, Don, Mike, Richard, Fran.
Apologies: Gill, Anne D, Sarah B, Sue and Ali, Eleanor.

1. Approval of Notes of GM 9th September 2018. Ruth found 2018 minutes but these were not available for all. Sarah W had quick look and they appeared to be fine.
2. Treasurers report:
Financial Report Mar 2019 for term up to Xmas 2018
Hall Hire
Subs received between 3/9/18 and 5/12/18: £459.60
paid out (hall hire, Xmas box for SW): £565

Mike reported we have made a loss of about £100 on this term. The existing surplus will cover this, though not if the new hire charges for the hall are found to be accurate.
Current balance stands on 24/3/2018 with hall hire for Jan to Easter not yet paid) : £871.
Since January 2019 we have been receiving invoices automatically each month from St Columba's using a new accounting system (we have never had an invoice previously). They are calculated at double the rate we paid before Xmas i.e. we are being asked to pay £51 instead of £25 per evening of 90 minutes. Mike has queried whether this is intentional but have had no response to date.
Sarah added that a contract had been signed and £34 an hour is charity rate.
Discussion about i) subs going up from £25 to £50 ii) look for cheaper rehearsal space. The invoices appear to be correct (Don checked website and Sarah W reported her other choir pay that amount) so after discussion decision made to stay put and put up subs to £30 per term minimum. If people wish to may more that would be welcomed so that some could pay a little less.

Film of Hidden History by A.J. Smith-Palmer
Deposit of 50% paid towards final cost: £250
Receipts received towards total cost (£500): £300
Fran reported film close to being finished. Some have not paid their promised contributions. Fran will contact. Sarah to contact Pete and Cathy to ask them if they still want to.
Mike to send Fran list of contributions thus far.
Fran reported that film is close to completion and should be available by mid April.
Website and SGS domain:
Mike asked if we carry on as now or do something else?
Mike proposes we pay £15 a year for hosting with (TVSO?). Praise from several for Mike’s work on website. Sarah W said other choirs have members’ area and wondered if we wanted to change?
Marie raised the question of continuity and asked if maybe someone else could be trained up. Tom S will get involved. Ruth will also help.
Decision to move to new server (action Mike and Tom).

4. Musical Directors report
Sarah W reported lots of activity since we last met in Sep 2018.
Lots of gigs:
•6th Oct: City Farm and RAF Croughton on same day in spite of RAIN.
•3rd Nov: One World Fair in Town Hall.
•? Oct: Blenheim anti-Trump demo.
•17th Nov: Hidden Histories second outing in Abingdon.
•1st Dec: Green Fair.
•14th Dec: Carols for Palestine in Oxford City Centre
•7th Dec: Extinction Rebellion at County Hall.
•2nd March: Extinction Rebellion outside Barclays
Planning now at early stages for gig called People on the Move towards end of 2019.
Overall quite a few new people have joined and attendance feels up. We’d still like more men to join.

5. Future Gigs:
Levellers Day 2020: Mike proposes SGS offers (event) if there is to be the usual ceremony in the graveyard.
11th May Levellers Day 2019: Sally found FaceBook page which says it’s happening 11-16.00 at Burford Church. Richard will find out about this year and let us know. Marie to follow up i) to see if it’s possible for a few from SGS and her choir to perform there and ii) to tell all so Doodle Poll can be revisited.
Sep 7th Sat Arms Fair (DSEI) 2019: Sue proposed we sang at this. Some interest in doing this. Sarah W may not be available. Marie might be able to lead us. Marie to discuss with Sue and Ali and to ask Ali do doodle poll for whatever dates they agree on (poss Sat 7th or Wed 4th).
15th April XR in London. Campaign Choirs going.

6. Mike’s proposal:
In the spirit of Hidden Histories prepare programmes/presentations which can be ready at the drop of a hat to be presented on themes like Climate change Racism, etc. Mike to put together a story line for something on Climate Change.

7. Street Choir Festival: Mike making sure we have advance notice for next year. Then need to decide pdq about going. It’s in Pocklington next year.

8. Any other business:
•Sarah W mentioned group next door would continue to bring in tables from next door which is a bit disruptive. Several suggested she ask for small discount.
•Marie reported her courtcase for obstruction of highway (Burghfield) 23rd 24th April at Reading Magistrate’s Court. She is doing peacewalk from Didcot to Reading over Easter weekend. Supporters welcome and should get in touch with Marie.
•Mike has been given sound system. It’s very heavy and needs mains. Mike it going to try it out.

9. Date of next meeting. Sunday 22nd Sep 3-6. Venue TBC.