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Agenda for AGM 18 Nov 2019 St Barnabas Hall, 20.00h
Sue has offered to Chair ; Minutes: ?

Agenda for AGM 18 Nov 2019 St Barnabas Hall, 20.00h
1. Approval of Minutes from GM 25th March 2019
2. Treasurers report :
3. Financial report We have 487.76 gbp in the bank at present and we will have to pay 561 gbp by Xmas. So many thanks to those who paid recently and it would be helpful if everyone settled up who has not paid, The rates are suggested at £30 a term or £6 a month direct debit.
4. Musical Directors report
5. Success of start time of 19.30h: The change to a 7.30 start time should be approved at an AGM. Now is your chance to make it permanent - or not.
6. pay an annual subscription of £20 to Campaign Choirs whose website is http://campaignchoirs.org.uk/.
7. Circulate relevant emails about XR activies and actions we would be likely to support
8. Gigs and the 2 week rehearsal rule
9. informing new or potential members?
Angela suggests an a simpler version of the welcome letter to new members of the induction letter that was produced in 2014. There are two versions - one more visually friendly, but the other fits an A5 format)
Angela is willing to be the person responsible for keeping a set to give to new members, to let them know how we work and where they can find info, etc. The two version are appended at the bottom of this email.
10. Gigs
11. Progress on Oxfords Hidden History
12. Any other business
13. Date of next meeting

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