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Downloading files


Question: I would like to be able to download the sound files to my computer, so that I do not have to be online to practise our songs...and perhaps put them on a CD. At the moment I have to look up the Sea green singers repertory to do this. Is it possible for you one day to set up the website so that we can do it? Quick time won't let me save it, I need Quick time Pro...If they were saved as MP3 files, perhaps I could do it?

At the bottom of the song page there is the following note:

<Note on viewing and downloading music, movies and pix
Open files by clicking on them. Sheet music can be printed from the browser. If there is more than one sheet of music the individual sheets can be shown by clicking anywhere on the sheet. To download files onto your computer you should right-click with you mouse as the mouse cursor hovers over the link and choose 'save link as' if you use the Firefox web browser or 'save target as' if you use Internet Explorer >

However I suspect a bit more explanation would not come amiss.

I suspect first of all you may be trying to click somewhere on the page which opens to play the music which is wrong.
You need to use the actual link on the webpage:
You need to click on the actual link as shown on the screen shot below. On the screen shot below you cannot see the mouse cursor but it is hovering over the file <Aint Gonna Study War Tenor Pno>. The small menu you see in the centre is what you get when press the right-hand button on the mouse (right-clicking).

When you right click with the mouse over anywhere on the screen you get a context-dependent menu i.e. the menu only lists the options that are available to you from that paricular place on the screen. If you are hovering over a link to a song file one of the menu options is <save as> or <save link as> as shown above..

When you click on that you should see the window shown in the second screen shot below showing you where you are to save the file in this case in the <Downloads> folder. You could choose a different place e.g. a memory stick or hard drive.

You can see the original name of the file (aintgonnastudywarPnoTenor.mp3) which it will be saved under (you can change this if you want) which includes the correct attribution [the three letters which make up the part of the file-name after the dot e.g. .mp3 for a music file, gif or jpg for a picture, doc or pdf for a document: you shouldn't change these or the file won't be recognized correctly]. If you don't see the file name or the correct attribution maybe your mouse is not hovering over the right area of the webpage or the correct file.

When you click on <save> the file will then be downloaded to your computer to the folder you have selected. In the screenshot shown above this is to the <downloads> folder which is the default choice. You can save it to where you like including memory sticks or external hard drives.

When you double click the file in the folder to which you have saved it, it should start playing in the program which has been selected to play mp3 files on your computer. On Windows computers this will probably be <windows media player>. If a program opens which says it is does not recognize the file format it may be that Quicktime is trying to play the file and does not recognize it.

To make sure <Windows Media Player> is always chosen to play mp3 files hover the mouse cursor over the file name in the folder it has been saved to as shown in the screen shot below.

Right click. Choose <open with>. then <choose Program> at the bottom of the list. A window opens with a list of programs as shown in the screen shot below.

Select Windows Media Player (it will probably already be selected) and tick the box below the list <always use this program to open this type of file>. Then Windows Media Player will be the default for mp3 files.

General comments on downloading files

You can download any file this way from a web page by right-clicking over pdf files, images in web sites, scores on the music pages of the sgs web site, word docs etc. It is the best way to print scores the way you want to the size you want because you don't get the headings.
If you download a music file it will be mp3; if you download a photo it will be jpg; if you download a word doc it will be a .doc file.

If you have a problem finding <Windows Media Player> on your computer press the <Start> button, at the bottom, left of the desktop, choose <all Programs> and it should be in the list.

To put an icon on the desktop so you can find it again easily right-click while the mouse cursor is over the program name, choose <Send To> and then <Desktop (create shortcut)> and you will get an icon on your desktop.

Question: I cant find the lyrics to the songs?

The lyrics of all the songs are below the score as text. Scroll down past the score to the bottom of the page. You can copy the lyrics and paste them where you want such as into a Word document and format them how you like. I advise that when you are pasting you go to the <Edit> menu and choose <Paste Special> <Unformatted Text> rather than the paste icon on the menu bar or Ctrl-V. Otherwise you may paste the code used in the web page as well as the text and this can produce unexpected results. The lyrics may be more up-to-date than the score given that is easier and quicker to correct text or change it than to change the score.


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