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Sea Green Singers
18th June 2017, Sat, meet ? with Oxfam choir

Saturday, 18th June:

Booklets for words for songs.
1): song book as Word doc to follow
or 2): same document to follow as double sided booklet consisting of two pdf files, one for odd numbers; one for even numbers being the front and the back pages;

Songs in alphabetical order:

1. Asalaam aleikhum - a three part song about peace;
2. Never turning back
3. One heart beating
4. One song, one dance, one world, one chance
5. Unison in harmony
6. We are far more united (Jo Cox's words)

Asalaam aleikhum
youTube by Harris J.
  Never Turning Back - pdf file from PinH   
One Heart Beating          
One Song, 1 Dance, 1 World, 1 Chant
Mp3: first part of song; midi from Strawberry Thieves
Unison in Harmony
Far More United - midi files have bass intro

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Sea Green Singers contact telephone Mike Cox: +44 (0)7815 914776 or e-mail mail@seagreensingers.com
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