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Sea Green Singers - Extinction Rebellion, Right Here,RigtNow = PeggySeeger - Lyrics, score to follow


Hear it here

Lyrics: EXTINCTION REBELLION! say it loud and clear = by Peggy Seeger

EXTINCTION REBELLION! say it loud and clear
We’ve come to change the future, RIGHT NOW! RIGHT HERE!
*We only have one planet there is no Planet B
*The oceans are rising ...and SO - ARE - WE!

We’ve got to stop the carnage, the plunder and the greed
We’ve got to learn to share, we take more than we need
*We stand for what we stand on, we come in hope and fear
EXTINCTION REBELLION! You know why we’re here.


WE- STAND - AGAINST the way the world is run
We have to change the system, we’ve only just begun
Every living creature is here with us today
EXTINCTION REBELLION! We are here to stay.