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Sea Green Singers - Bugger the bankers - NHSversion - Lyrics and Score - Suzy Davis - orig. recorded by the The Austerity Allstars

Waltz rhythmn: 1-2-3, 1-2-3. . A more compact score is here


Bugger the bankers
Written by Suzy Davis and performed by the Austerity Allstars on Youtube
1. When I was a lass I was proud of my class like me father and mother before me
They taught me to fight for my civil rights, but it's always the same old story
The rich reign supreme while the poor can but dream under labour or liberal or tory - And I say:
Chorus: Bugger the buyers and P. F. I'ers, bugger those selling N H S
Bugger the TT. I. P. too, [If you're one of them bugger you] x2

2. The system is bent and the moneys all spent, we're badgererd from every direction
The workers get taxed while the wealthy relax, with nary a moments reflection
Where there's muck there's brass and they don't give an arse 'cos we're programmed against insurrection.
alternative: 'where there's brass there's muck and they don't give a f**ck'

3. Now all you good people with passion to vent, don't give up the struggle for justice
But I've done my time on the protesters line and these days I show my dissent
By active disobedience (original: loitering within my tent.)

Extra verse for NHS:
4. One day when I'm ill I'll need more than a pill, I want the N H S to cure me
Ir's cheap and its free, never mind austerity. Just say 'No thanks to privatisation
Big companies know that their profits will grow if they cut costs, cut pay, cut the caring.

Chorus for the NHS:
Bugger the buyers and PFI'ers, Bugger those selling the NHS!
Bugger those backing the T-T I P too, and if you're one of them bugger you.

Chorus x 2 repeating final 'And if you're one of them bugger you'