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Sea Green Singers - Jute Mill Song - score and lyrics - click on image to enlarge - cliquer sur image pour agrandir

Jute Mill Song - Rebecca Grossman

Oh dear me, the mill's runnin' fast,
the poor, wee shifters canna get no rest.
shifting bobbins, coarse and fine,
they fairly make you work for your ten and nine.

Oh dear me, I wish this day was done.
Running up and down, the pass is no fun.
shifting, piecing, spinning, warp, weft and twine.
To feed and clothe my bairnies off a ten and nine

Oh dear me, the world is ill divided.
Them that works the hardest are the least provided.
I must bide contented, dark days of fine,
there's not much pleasure livin' off a ten and nine.