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Seagreen Singers 24 / 7 - lyrics
24 / 7 - Lester Simpson - Voice Publishing

1. A century of struggle disappearing down the drain
The honest day for decent pay our parents fought to claim
Now global spin rotates the world, brands get ever stronger
As Britain tries to waive the rules by working ever longer

Twenty four seven and three six five
You gotta work a little harder if your ever gonna thrive
Check the way you do it try a bit more and then
You're gonna burn out long before you're three score and ten

2. In an endless quest for bigger bucks you really ought to know
The men in suits will move the work to where the pay is low
The suits are sewn by nimble hands that have no time for clapping
Designer names, no wage claims, shoppers go home happy.


3. Constantly improving always checking your demeanor
Singing from the same hymn sheet always being keener
Then you down sized, not prized, seems that you were off course
Outsourced, no discourse, your just another resource.


Middle 8
We must ensure the margin's bigger,
We know you're not the one to shirk,
We didn't want to pull the trigger,
It's just the way the markets work.

4. Though now you're working twice as hard, profits start to stumble,
They move the cursor, click the mouse and stock begins to tumble,
The stake you have been holding has been driven through you're
And the big man, who had the plan, has walked off with the cream.

Chorus x 2

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