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Sea Green Singers - Recycling (Blowing in the Wind)

Recycling (Blowing in the Wind)

The earth breaths in and the' earth breaths out
And has done since time began
But there's just so much litter lying about
Take-away trays and old Coke cans
That the poor old world may be breathing its last
Its survival is in our hands
The answer they say is recycling
The answer is recycling

So what can we do about climate change?
Destroying our pleasant land
Yes'n'how many landfill sites must we fill
Before they are turned into sand
Yes 'n' how many plastic bags must we use?
Before they’re forever banned
The answer they say is recycling
The answer is recycling

But what will it cost to save the world
Before we lose the Arctic ice
Yes'n'how many low emission bulbs must be sold
Before they come down in price
Yes'n how by our counting every food mile
Will it feed the world enough rice
The answer my friend is not recycling
The answer is blowing in the wind
Original: Bob Dylan; Adapt. by: Morag Carmichael (RV)

How many roads must we humans walk down,
Till we know we are one humankind?
(Yes and) how many ice caps will melt to the sea?
How many lands will be drowned?
(Yes and) how many deep sea wells will leak oil,
before they are forever banned?
The answer, my friend, is blowing in the wind. (x 2)

How many years can a mountain exist,
before it's blasted to the ground?
(Yes and) how many years can forest people exist
before their trees are cut down?
(Yes and) how many planets will we need to survive,
unless we turn things around?
The answer.....

How many times do we need to look up,
before we can see the sky?
(Yes and) how many ears must one person have,
before they can hear people cry?
(Yes and) how many deaths will it take till we know that
too many people have died?
The answer....