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Sea Green Singers - Revolt - Score and lyrics - 2 pages - Page 2 - For an enlarged image, suitable for printing on A4 paper click on each image


1. We are downtrodden victims all
of all the wars,
wars now and wars back in the past
Exploited by tyrants and made
to serve the rich and wealthy gov'ning class
But we will not accept again
a system that gave our parents pain
We want to free ourselves
from that which keeps us bound
in our own misery.

The Church and Parliament.
Judges and Magistrates and Militarism
Bosses and Managers.
Let us all get rid of capitalism.
Our need is urgent now
to overthrow the old world of authority.
And with fraternal hearts
We'll realize the ideal of liberty.


2. We workers and we farmers all
who labour in the factory or in the fields
We are from a very young age
made to do work that is hard and that kills.
Yet it is we grow the food
and we who make all of the stuff to sell
Yet we live destitute and poor
in poverty our lives a waking hell

3. The state taxes us freely all
to pay the police, judges, army
and the crown
If we protest too much then they
Without a second thought just shoot us down.
The names of those who have the power
They move around, they call it politics
But those who get to make the laws
are always part of the very same old clique

4. We're told we must protect the banks,
The companies and leaders of our industry
And so we must go fight and die
To give protection to our country
But we, have nothing to protect
We have nothing and we all hate a war,
We'll not defend your stolen goods
We'll not go fight and die for you for sure.


Sébastien Faure (born January 6, 1858 in Saint-Étienne, Loire, France; died July 14, 1942 in Royan, Charente-Maritime, France) was a French anarchist,[1] freethought and secularist activist and a principal proponent of synthesis anarchism.[2][3]

Before becoming a free-thinker, Faure was a seminarist. He engaged in politics as a socialist be fore turning to anarchism in 1888.

In 1894, he was prosecuted in "The Trial of the thirty" ("Procès des trente"), but was acquitted. In 1895, he cofounded "Le Libertaire" with Louise Michel, taking the name of the earlier journal by Joseph Déjacque. At the time of the Dreyfus affair, he was one of the leading supporters of Alfred Dreyfus. In 1904, he created a libertarian school called "La Ruche" (The Hive) close to Rambouillet. In 1916, he launched the periodical "Ce qu'il faut dire". Faure also co-founded (with Voline) the Synthesis, or also known as synthesis anarchism which was an influential form of conveiving anarchist federations.[4][5]

In 1918, he was imprisoned for organizing an illegal meeting. He is recognized for his pedagogy and his qualities as a speaker, and is the author of many books:

The universal pain (1895)
My Communism (1921)
The Forces Of The Revolution (1921)
Religious imposture (1923)
Subversive remarks
Twelve Proofs of God's Inexistence (1908)

He was also the founder of the Anarchist encyclopedia,[6] as well as the namesake of the Sébastien Faure Century, the French-speaking contingent of the Durruti Column during the civil war in Spain.