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Sea Green Singers - (The) River Runs

The River Runs - Words

(to tune A)
The river runs, the river flows,
And here and there the river slows
And waits a while and then it goes, The river flows

A It takes its time, it finds its place,
A stately glide, a rapid race
To turn the wheels here in this place, The river flows

(to tune B)
Proud and lofty the mills stand,
Grand as any in the land
Making work for many hands,
Minds and hearts at their command

A The river hears but doesn't speak,
The river toils and never sleeps
The river owns the life we seek,
The river flows

B Working 14 hour days, Doing what the master says
But at least the money pays, And life improves in many ways

A The river knows the price of change, As it's own course is rearranged
But through it all, it never wanes, The river flows

A The river seeks and sometimes finds, A recreation of a kind
Which helps the soul and frees the mind, The river flows

B Educated so that we, All can better workers be
Sing and play in the same key, All in time but never free

A Sometimes the river shakes the weir,
As if to say that it's still here
When us poor mortals disappear, The river flows

B Though the mills have ceased to run, Though the 'good old days' have gone
We reflect on what was done, For our work has just begun

A The river asks both you and I, As on it's banks we live and die
If you keep on then so will I, The river flows

A Flowing to eternity, From the, moorland to the sea
Happier when we happy be, The river flows