Sea Green Singers - Rosa's Lovely Daughters


These are Rosa's lovely daughters
They are no man's blushing bride
These are Rosa's lovely daughters
And they will not be denied.

1. Who's that walking miles for water?
Who's that working all day long?
In the hot south, in the cold north -
Who are they so proud and strong?

2. From the workbench in the back room
To the cradle beside the bed,
From the strikers to the peace-camp,
Who are they seeing red?

3. The fathers handshake their bargains
And their good wives stand around and they weep,
But their hearts sing when they're dancing -
They are no mans to give or to keep.

4. We are singing, we are dancing,
we are marching through the town,
We are Oxford SeaGreen Singers
And we'll bring the system down!