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Sea Green Singers - Transition Women's Medley in Cmajor - from Protest in Harmony



  Start the first group with song 1. To bring in group 2 with song 2 at the correct time start verse 2 singing 'We'll have our Female emancipation......'

Transition Women's
The choir sings each song in unison one after the other, then the choir teaches the audience the first song, divides the audience in half and teaches half the second song, then divides the audience into three and teaches them the third song, then the choir splits in three and sings one song with each third of the choir and audience together.

1. We'll have our say
Get equal pay x2
We'll change the way we work and play
We'll not submit to discrimination
We'll have our say get equal pay
(Tune : Oh When the Saints)

2. Female emancipation
working to empower us all.
Female emancipation
working to empower us all.
(Tune: Swing Low Sweet Chariot)

3. Don't be pushed around, round
Let them get you down, down
Don't be pushed around, stand your ground
When the men say that's enough
Then it's time to do your stuff
Don't be pushed around stand your ground.
(Tune: I’m Gonna Sing)