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Sea Green Singers - We Shall Be Known

A potent song for our time, written by the beautiful singing duo MaMuse.

UPDATE! This recording has been updated here as of June 22, 2018 to slightly adjust a few notes and rhythms for complete accuracy after direct consultation with Karisha. This matches their new studio recording on the album Prayers for Freedom. It also adds a tricky but heart-meltingly gorgeous tenor line.
Composer & Copyright

Original song by Karisha Longaker of MaMuse, 2016. We Shall Be Known is included in this song library with permission for the purposes of oral tradition singing and teaching. If singing this song for performance or recording for profit, you must get permission from and pay royalties to the composer.

Buy the original recording by MaMuse here.

We shall be known - Lyrics
We shall be known by the company we keep
by the ones who circle round to tend these fires
We shall be known by the ones who sow and reap
the seeds of change alive from deep within the earth
It is time now
It is time now that we thrive
It is time we lead ourselves into the well
It is time now, and what a time to be alive
In this great turning we shall learn to lead in love
In this great turning we shall learn to lead in love
Teaching Notes
This recording is in G.