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Sea Green Singers- Rehearsal Schedule: Sep - Dec 2012
Core songs: See end of table
New Songs
Revision of new songs
Revision of 'core' songs
10th Sept
Bankers song (by Bridget)
Fat Cat (Liverpool Socialist Choir)

Fight the cuts
It’s the same the whole world over

Land Rights
17th Sept
I want Rosa to stay (Alun Parry)
Bankers song
Fat Cat
Fair Trade Rant
24th Sept
Swimming pool song ( by us)
I want Rosa to stay
Fat Cat
Fair Trade Rant
1st Oct
Nuclear bomb song (by us!)
Make it, mend it - (Lester Simpson)
Swimming pool song
Fat Cat
I want Rosa to stay
6th Oct
Saturday: RAF Croughton – CND annual demo – do we want to participate?
8th Oct
Somewhere on sea
(Sarah’s simplified version)
Swimming pool song
Nuclear bomb song
Make it, mend it
Rosa Park
15th Oct
(Lester Simpson)

Somewhere on Sea

La Lega
20th Oct
Saturday: TUC demonstration in London: meeting with Liverpool Socialist Singers
22nd Oct
Song for Gaza
(easier version)
Levellers Day Song
29th Oct
Work out song-list for One World Fair
Song for Gaza
Foolish Notion
5th Nov
Choose song-list for One World Fair and practise them!
12th Nov
Practise song-list for One World Fair
17th Nov
Saturday: One World Fair, 2.15pm, Town Hall
I want Rosa to stay, Somewhere on Sea, Fat Cat, Bankers Song, Fair Trade, La Lega, Oh Mr Cameron, One Nuclear Bomb
19th Nov
Presentation for next Monday
Practise song-list for Green Fair
26th Nov
Monday: Presentation to Archway about Levellers and Sea Green Singers
1st Dec
Saturday: Green Fair, Town Hall
3rd Dec
Practise alternative carols
10th Dec

Practise alternative carols



Core songs: these are old songs from our repertoire about a range of issues (union, environment, rights, peace, etc) that we should be able to sing without relearning them every time. Please do some homework on these when they are coming up for revision on the schedule.
Levellers Day song; Foolish Notion; Internationale; Bread and Roses, No going back; Peace be with you always; World turned upside down, Diggers song; We are all under the stars, Fair Trade Rant, Land Rights.
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Sea Green Singers contact telephone Mike Cox: +44 (0)7815 914776
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