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Rehearsal Schedule: Jan - July 2011

Past Rehearsal Schedules

Sea Green Singers: programme of rehearsals Spring - Summer 2011




New songs

Consolidation of newly learnt songs

Revision of ongoing repertoire

10th Jan

All around my spirit


 Song for Gaza


17th Jan

(no Sarah or coming late)



All around my spirit







Freedom is a song



5th Feb Water Aid event Sat 5th February 2pm - 4pm, Friends Meeting House, St Giles, songs Freedom is a song, Aint gonna study war no more  

7th Feb

Somewhere on Sea

Bandierra Rossa


14th Feb

Something inside so strong Somewhere on sea  

21th Feb

Half term, no choir meeting    

28th Feb


7th Mar

Sarah away, Sue sick, cancelled    
14th Mar Sarah away, Ali led + auto-led    

21th Mar

Sarah and Sue away, auto-lead



28th Mar

Its always the singing (Ali Burns song)    

4nd Apr

Which side are you on, We'll fight on    

11th Apr

(Not) In my name, William Brown Levellers day song  

18th Apr



Joe Hill, Tory Toffs, We've sung a 1000 songs. Its the same the whole world over   

9th May

Revision for Levellers day 1. We are the Oxford Sea Green Singers, 2. Levellers Day Song, 3. FIght the cuts, 4. Which side are you on, 5. Not in my name, 6. Hard Times,
7. We'll fight on, 8. La lega, 9. William Brown, 10. It's the same the whole world over, 11. Joe Hill
14th May Levellers Day:

16th May

Got to bring the wall down song for Gaza



Sue to lead Got to bring the wall down



Half term break, no meeting  

6th Jun

Sarah W back: The Olive Tree, Peace be with you always, Jericho Got to bring the wall down

13th Jun

Boycott Song, I aint afraid Peace be with you always
20th Jun  

26th Jun

Wittenham Festival Sun, 13.00 performing in pub and busking  

27th Jun

Sarah away, Sue leading  

4th Jul

Sarah away, Sue away  
9th Jul Bobs birthday, Barton in St Mary's 12.30pm, classical music recitals and us! - see programme
11th Jul
last mtg

18th Jul

6 monthly General Meeting on Monday evening in a St Columba's side room - if you want tea bring a thermos..  

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Sea Green Singers contact telephone Mike Cox: +44 (0)7815 914776
or e-mail mail@seagreensingers.com
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