Sea Green Singers: Rehearsal schedule Autumn 2018



New songs or songs we sang ages ago and have forgotten!

Consolidation of new songs learnt recently

Revision of 'old' songs

This term we have four gigs, plus our 'Hidden History' performance in Abingdon. We will therefore be learning a few new songs for the gigs, revising old ones, and revisiting the songs for Hidden History.

Sept 10th

"Those balls have got to go"

"Mark my words"

"We teach life, sir"

"War machine"

Sept 17th

"One nuclear bomb

"Those balls have got to go"

"Mark my words"

Songs from the song-sheet for City Farm event

Sept 24th

"In my name"

"Lay down your sword and shield"

"Bringing peace is on our shoulders"

Songs from the song-sheet for RAF Croughton

Oct 1st

Sing through songs on both song-sheets for City Farm and for RAF Croughton, if we are going.

Oct 6th

City Farm event, singing 11.45am - 12.15pm RAF Croughton protest singing 2pm or 3pm

Oct 8th

John Ball

The Diggers Song

Bonny Besses

Oct 15th

George Fox

Tom Paine's Bones

Slave's Lament

Oct 22nd


Chartist Anthem

Poverty Knocks

Oct 29th

Tolpuddle Man

Emily inspires us yet

Which side are you on?

Nov 3rd

One World Fair, Town Hall Singing time tbc, usually around 1.30pm or 2pm.

Nov 5th

Manchester Rambler

Carry Greenham Home

No going back

Nov 12th

Any tidying up of Hidden History songs that's needed. Full run-through.

Nov 17th

'Hidden History' performance, Abingdon Abbey Chapel. Rehearsal 3pm - 5pm. Break for food together. Performance 7.30pm

Nov 19th

Nov 26th

Dec 1st

Green Fair, Town Hall. Singing time tbc

Palestinian Carols?