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rencontres chorales

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The food for the 'Rencontres' has to sourced and ordered well in advance, especially as preference is given to local producers: they produce food specifically to fulfill our orders, planting and reserving animals for us. The following timetable is suggested for ordering food and the menu for 2014 is given below as an example:

*..1..Email choirs 1st March asking them to provide menus for one day, that is meals at mid-day and evening.

*..2..Choirs reply by April 15th with their menu choices with estimates of the amounts needed of the ingredients.
........ Desserts at mid-day should be simple e.g. fruit, yogurt etc

*..3..The final shopping list of ingredients should be compiled by June 15th.

When food is delivered to the site at Royeres it needs to be divided into batches for each meal and clearly labelled with the choir name, meal and each batch stored in separate places. If this is not done people will not know what food has been allotted for any given meal and may use ingredients which have been ordered for a different choir on a later day. When that happens people may cook too much on some days so food is thrown away and they go hungry on other days.

Menu for 2014

Excel spreadsheet of above table