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Song list in order in which they are added to 'songbookntl.htm
started 1st May 2019

Our Voices Must be Heard 31/1/20
The goose and the Common, with repeat: 31/01/2020
Citizens Shanty: 22/1/20 (A revolution now...)
We're Standing here because of those who've gone before 15/1/20
Which side are you on for Ascott women 10/01/2020
Walk a mile in my shoes (extra 4 verses and score) 16/01/2020
Mosquito song (see XR song list) 16/12/2019)
Extinction rebellion, Right Now, Right Here, - 30/11/2019
Aint gonna let nobody turn me around 19/11/19
Stop Making CO2 (tune: Aint gonna study war) 19/11/2019)
There aint do planet B (6/11/19)
Cut our carbon down to zero(6/11/19)
Emergency 2/11/19
Street Music: 25/10/2019
We're Standng Here 23/10/2019
Hinos dos Grevistas 12/5/2019
Big society, beg society, 1/5/2019
We're not gonna give it back (or Not gonna..... 30/4/19)
Power to the people - XR chant, 25/4/2019
Those were the days (climate change) 6/4/2019
Bella Ciao (Raised Voices version) - 6/4/2019
Consume, doom, doom - 6/4/2019
Pachamama - 6/4/2019
Three Boats 19/03/19
Movng on song 13/3/2019
Harriet Tubman 28/2/2019
Who do they think they are 12/2/2019
Womans song 22/1/2019(Hymne du Mouvement de liberation des femmes)
Asylum is a human right - Susies words 22/1/2019
The Road 12/2/2019
Sweet EarthThey don't belong in jail - Maries song
Extinction Rebellion
In my Name
We teach life sir
Raise your banners knitters
No More Shopping
Ode to Joy - Seeger
What didyou learn in school
Down where the trees are tall
We dont want you here
Playboys and playgirls
Donald the President
Sow seeds of hope - see seed
Envoi or We shall go singingGeorge Fox
Carry Greenham Home
Slaves Lament
Envoi, We shall go singing
Emily Inspires Us Yet
Tolpuddle Man
Manchester Rambler
Hold the Fort
Ely Riot song
One heart beating:
Far more united
Bonny Besses

Short songs: Peel banannas, Where there is no vision,

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