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Sea Green Singers - Coop in English and French - At the hop
see Danny and the Juniors At the hop on YouTube

Coop - dedicated to the Rochdale Pioneers
Mo Loveland (Leeds People's Choir) 2007

1 . Get your groceries and fruit there: you can even by a suit there
At the Co-op - cwop cwop, cwop, cwop cwop, cwop
Where the service is dynamic and the produce is organic
At the Co-op- cwop cwop, cwop, cwop cwop, cwop
It’s all PC, so come with me
To the Co-op

Lets go to the Co-op Oh baby x4
Ah, ah, Lets go to the Co-op

2.There is no need to be nervous 'cos they run a Funeral Service
At the Co-op.
And. a bank to keep your money. If you're going somewhere sunny
Try the Co-op
They can fix your trip, without a single blip
At the Co-op

3.lf you're living on the margin you’ll be sure to find a bargain
At the Co-op
And even if you're wealthy you can get what's good and healthy
At the Co-op
When you need to shop, go along and stop
At the Co-op

4.So support your local traders, not the Tesco-type invaders
Use the Co-op
It’s cooperative and friendly though it isn't always trendy
At the Co-op
That's why we sing this socialist thing
It’s the Co-op

Lets go to the Co-op etc (get divi)

Fais tes courses, prends tes légumes
Achète-toi même un costume, A la co-op
Le service est dynamique, les produits biologique a la co-op
Tout y est 'perfect', et politiquement correcte a la co-op

Si vous voulez un croque mort, Ils sont vraiment très très forts a la co-op
Elle peut gérer votre argent, ils sont vraiment polyvalent, a la co-op
Tu peux partir sans soucis, en vacances, soleil garanti, a la co-op

Lets go to the co-op x2 Oh baby
Lets go to the co-op, Ah ah, let's go to the co-op

Si vous étés en phase de crise, et complètement dans la mouise a la co-op
Les articles sont bon marche, et très bons pour la santé a la co-op
La qualité est pure, et l'origine est sur a la co-op

Alors soutiens les produits, qui viennent de tout près d'ici a la co-op
Evite les super marches, il ne faut pas y aller a la co-op
C'est une démarche militante, même si elle n'est pas tendance a la co-op