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Come along to our concert on Saturday April 28th
Songs from before 2022 for Gigs (extracted from the list below) can be found

Repertoire - Songs & Rounds or short warm-up songs, XR Songs/Chants here, -

also Manchester Street Choir Festival 2007 song files and The Island (jazz opera)]

NB: The sound files below are mostly recordings of rehearsals when we were first learning our parts. They are here to help us remember the songs and are not representative of our performances.
More representative recordings of performances are here.

See note at bottom of page for help with downloading and printing

Download booklets of music and words of songs up to 2012 below:
To print double-sided booklets produced for each gig go to site for gigs ; the 2012 edition of the Core Repertoire booklet links are below:
an A6 booklet containing words only. This comes as 2 pdf files.

To see how to print a booklet with screen grabs.

Text version: Print off the first file (8 A4 sheets) with the printer set in the <Properties> menu to print 2 pages per sheet. Reload the printed paper into the printer so the second pdf file prints on the back; check the orientation is ok otherwise the back face will be upside down relative to the front face; on my printer this means the paper is face up so you can see the already printed side as it lays in the printer tray and read it i.e. it is not upside down and the top of the page enters the printer first - it may be different on other printers. Cut the printed sheets in half: this requires care as the lyrics should be accurately aligned: cut half way between the text rather than cutting the page in two equal halves. Assemble the 60 page booklet. Staple in the middle (the hardest part of the job). Trim the edges with a surgeons scalpel. Also available in A5 for those who need glasses to read.

2012 v. of Core songbook
Core Songbook produced in 2012: Page 1; Page 2
Levellers/Aberystwyth Songbook 2013  

Music and words:
an A4 songbook as a Word document containing score and words of around 80 of the songs listed below: download Word document

- Links to info' on St Amant are here.
- Links to songs from Vassiviere here

- Liens de musique etc de St Amant sont ici.
- Liens de chansons de Vassiviere ici

Core songs: these are songs from our repertoire about a range of issues (union, environment, rights, peace, etc) that we should be able to sing without relearning them every time.
Levellers Day song; - Foolish Notion; - Internationale; - Bread and Roses, - No going back; - Peace be with you always;
World turned upside down, - Diggers song; - We are all under the stars, - Fair Trade Rant, - Land Rights.

The most recent songs added:
lullaby- chorus and verses - 3/5/2021
songs for zoom under 'z' - 15/6/2020
These are the bastards - 8/6/20
These are the hands - 8/6/20
Lily - 28/7/20
Easy Money - 28/7/20
Famba Naye - 25/5/20
Thank you to the NHS - link to author Roger Jackson website - 7/5/20
The goose and the common - SW recording - and 70bpm tempo recording on piano - 7/5/20
Walk a mile in your shoes - SW recording- 7/5/20
Voices - SW recording- 7/5/20
Oh how we love the NHS - 16/4/20
Pachamama - 14/03/20 with score
Refugee - 14/3/20 - with score
Otmoor Forever: - 15/2/20
Levellers - new version - 10/2/20
The Have Not's (and the Haves) 4/2/20)
Our Voices Must be Heard extra verses 10/2/20

TThe goose and the Common, with repeat: 31/01/2020
Citizens Shanty: 22/1/20 (A revolution now...)
We're Standing here because of those who've gone before 15/1/20
Which side are you on for Ascott women 10/01/2020
Walk a mile in my shoes (extra 4 verses and score) 16/01/2020

Mosquito song (see XR song list) 16/12/2019)
Extinction rebellion, Right Now, Right Here, - 30/11/2019
Aint gonna let nobody turn me around 19/11/19
Stop Making CO2 (tune: Aint gonna study war) 19/11/2019) here aint do planet B (6/11/19)
Cut our carbon down to zero(6/11/19)

Consume, doom, doom - 6/4/2019
Pachamama - 6/4/2019
Three Boats 19/03/19
Movng on song 13/3/2019
Harriet Tubman 28/2/2019
Who do they think they are 12/2/2019Womans song 22/1/2019(Hymne du Mouvement de liberation des femmes)
Asylum is a human right - Susies words 22/1/2019
The Road 12/2/2019
Sweet EarthThey don't belong in jail - Maries song
Extinction Rebellion
In my Name
We teach life sir

Short songs: Peel banannas, Where there is no vision,

A list of new songs in the order in which they are added is kept here starting May 1st 2019

Contents: Click for song sheets/sheet music or to play the mp3 files of parts or download as described below.
If you have trouble playing midi files download an open source music score program which plays midi files through your sound card which works for Apple. http://musescore.org or convert midi files to mp3 with 'Free Midi to mp3 converter' from http://mp3-tools.com/

Lyrics & Song sheets
Songs from 350 demo Oxford, 24th 2009          
Aint gonna let nobody turn me around        
All around my spirit
A La Huelga (To the strike)
Aint gonna study war no more tenor - pno
All in this together (My eyes are opened)  
Alternative Carols for Palestine lyrics to carols        
A man's a man for a' that
Amandah Weih - see Freedom is Coming          
Amen siyakadumisa - We'll fight on
Amen siyakadumisa - Women Resist
Anti - Fracking Song
Art not in your name - Shell version
bass - pno-mp3
alto - pno-mp3
sop - pno-mp3
Asalaam Aleikhum          
Asikhatali - A Heavy Load - (not for IBMT)
score created 22/11/2009
Asikhatali Palestine - (for IBMT) - spoken
score created 26/8/2014
Asylum is a human right scores created: Bridget words: 26/10 2010; Susies words 22/1/2019
Badger Song
Ten & Sop: 1 -- 2 -
Ballad of Accounting
Bandiera rossa
Bankers Song    
Bella Ciao
Bella Ciao - We are singing (English words)
Bella Ciao - Sing for the Climate
Bella Ciao - NHS version
Bella Ciao - Singing for Education
Bella Ciao - Sing for Women
Bella Ciao - Italian (Raised Voices)  
Big NHS Rip-off - from Bristol
Big Society, Beg Society      
Blood and Gold
bass - see all
bass - midi
Blood on Your Hands
Blowing in the wind - see Recycling        
Bonny Besses - Chorus
Bonny Besses - Verse, sops and altos unison.  
Both Sides
Boycott Song
Break 'em on Down
Bread and Roses - with 5 verses
Original photo copy score
Bringing in the Sheaves - Orig. p/c score  
Bringing Peace/Salaam - Sarah W mixed voices
Bringing Peace/Salaam - Sarah W solo voice
Brother Can You Spare A Dime
midi files - ties and slurs are ignored
Bugger the bankers
Bugger the bankers - NHS version
Building a Wall - see They're building....          
Carbon Free Society - see In a carbon free society          
Carry Greenham Home        
Carry On          
Chains (You aint got nothing to lose but your ...)
Chartist Anthem Ewan MacColl - Intro
Chartist Anthem
Men of the honest heart
Citizens Shanty: (A revolution now...)        
Class War
Climate Change Song - see Bella Ciao          
Climate for Peace        
Climate Skeptic - only chorus harmonized
Coal not Dole
Tune A - SW
Comin' Home (landscape); 2 pages of A4 Bass - chorus Tune
Consume, doom, doom


Bass - pno    
Croughton Balls      
Cut our carbon down to zero (tune: Frere Jaques)      
Danse des bombes
Bass part of score - one page
Day the Nazi Died          
Deep Blue Sea; (mp3 files from Protest in Harmony)
Derry Streets - Foggy Dew
(The) Deserter
(The) Diggers Song - (see also Leave the Oil...)
Divest - Blood Red Roses bass - midi tenor - midi alto - midi
Tune - alt+bass - SW
sop - midi all - midi
Domine la Pace
all sgs - 1 - 2
all - midi
Donald the President       song mp3 Tune: midi
Don't Believe What You Read in the Papers - see What the Papers Say  
Dont Fence the WTO in
Down where the trees grow tall          
Easy Money
Everything is gonna be all right see Sing on just a little while longer
Eh Malama (see Manchester version below)
bass - sgs
tenor - sgs
Alto 1; - sgs
Alto 2 - sgs
sop - sgs
all - sgs
El en Pozo Maria Luisa - see Maria  
Ellas Song
El Pueblo
Ely Riot Song - There seems little difference between the sound of the parts, p'raps just volume.
Emergency (This is an)
Emily Inspires Us Yet
Envoi - also called We shall go singing - - sound files are lower than we sing.
Starting notes for what we sing here
and in Bass Hi and All together

tenor - SW
tenor - pno

Extinction Rebellion - All songs here Songs and mp3's    
Extinction rebellion, Right Now, Right Here - Peggy Seeger        
Fair Trade Rant
Famba Naye          
Famba Naye
Farquahar's Retreat
Far More United - midi files have bass intro
Fat Cat
Fight the cuts (tune:Rock my soul)      
all - sgs at Green fair 2010
Fight the cuts - see 'We will fight on'        
Figli dell'Officina      
Foolish Notion
Foggy Dew - see Derry Streets          
Freedom (Rechten) - see Rechten          
Freedom is a voice

all - sgs

Freedom's Coming
(Manchester Choir recordings)
Friends - see Rounds below          

Freedom's Coming Around the Corner
- mixed SW & solo voice recordings

Gaza - see Song for Gaza          
Gentle Angry People -
see Singing for Our Lives
George Fox          
Got to bring the wall down - portrait
- Landscape
'Granny Was A Suffragette'
see 'Nana...'
Great Pretender
Green Song - verse 4 plays at end of midi files
Golden Thread      
Hamba Kahle Umkhonto - pdf file from Strawberry Thieves
Hard Times Come Again No More - on one page
Happy Birthday
Harriet Tubman -
score created 28/2/2019; Sarah W singing solo & mixed voices
Rhythmn of lines 3 & 4
Have-nots-and-the-have's - see 'The Have...'          
Hegoak - see Txoria Txori          
Heire Bannag Hoire Bannag
Hey Mr Putin - see Mr Putin          
Hinos dos Grevistas;
4-page pdf score
separate words for parts

Tenor - JH
Tenor - pno-mp3

Alto - JH
Alto - pno-mp3

Hold on
Hold the fort  
How we love the NHS - see 'Oh how we love'          
Hymne des femmes - see Womens song          
I Aint Afraid
I ain't gonna study war no more - see Ain't gonna...      
I Can See Clearly Now      
I do love to live beside the frackers        
If All The Might of Darkness  
In My Name - printed
(Not) In My Name
hand drawn
f or verse tune see all
Its the same the whole world over
sop - as tune
In Carbon Free Society Tune: English Country Garden    
I Paradisi
I want Rosa to stay - lyrics
Score - pdf file - 3 pages
Je veux accueillir Rose - francais
I want to have a little bomb like you
* Key change error in middle of bass/alto-sgs mp3 files
Jarama - solo and hum
Jarama - 4 part harmony
Jericho - (The) Wall Will Come Tumbling Down all - sgs
Joe Hill
John Ball
Jute Mill Song
Ke Arona          
Knowledge if Power

L'Age D'Or

Land Rights - see Right to Life          
La Lega (English)
Italian score - La Lega (mp3)
Last night I had the strangest dream - see Strangest Dream          
La Vigne au Vin
Lay down you sword and shield -
see Aint gonna study war no more
Leave the oil in the ground - (Diggers Song)
Lesang magwala a cheche - spoken - final
Lester Simpson's Workshop Songs
Make it, mend it

alto from bar 43
Let us in: Calais refugee song - Ch word rhythmn

Ch - bass - midi
same as tenor

Ch - Ten - sgs
Ch - Ten - midi

Levellers Day Song

Life's Purpose

Lily - sib
Limerick Soviet      
Lives in the Balance - SarahW mixed & solo voices
Make it mend it
Manchester Rambler - Verse       Unison - midi  
Manchester Rambler - Chorus
March of the Women
March on - see Sing on          
Maria's song -
see They don't belong in jail
(En El Pozo) Maria Luisa - Word rhythmn
Mevi Lyetu
Movng On
My eyes are opened see 'All in...        
Mr Cameron - see Oh Mr Cameron          
Mr Putin
Nana was a suffragette
Never Turning Back - pdf file from PinH
- score & MP3 from Protest in Harmony
NHS for sale street theatre by Strawberry Thieves          
NHS song - see 'Oh how we love the NHS'          
Nkosi Sikelela Afrika original score
Nkosi Sikelel' iAfika - separate staves
No Going Back - FS
Chorus - Verses
No More Shopping
No More War
see Gnomorewah or Aint gonna...      
Not gonna give it back - see
We're not gonna.......

No Sticking Plaster      
Not In My Name - see In My Name          
Now is the time for all the earths people
to come together in unity
Ode to Joy - Seeger
Ode to Privatisation - street theatre song from Strawberry Thieves
Oh how we love the NHS  
Oh Mr Cameron - SGS arr. with Bandierra Rossa (BR) hum,
LSC arrangement, orig words
Oh we do like to demonize the bankers: see Bankers Song.        
Olive Tree normal speed chorus
slow version for learning
One Nuclear Bomb Can Ruin Your Whole Day

One Song, 1 Dance, 1 World, 1 Chant
Mp3: first part of song; midi from Strawberry Thieves

Only Our Rivers Run Free        
Only Remembered  
Otmoor Forever - sib     amended words by MC
Our Voices Must be Heard - sib
Overnight: hear it by author on Youtube
Score: pg1 - no longer available
pg2 - pg3 - lyrics - music files all piano
bass - midi
bass - pno,mp3
alto - midi
alto - pno.mp3
sop & ten - midi
pno - mp3
Oxford Town - see Sleeping in doorways          
Oxford Women Now        
Palestine Carols          
Pay Me My Down      
Peace be with you always
Peace is on our shoulders - see Bringing peace....          
People have the Power - XRchant       chant at XR demo to block Marble Arch  
Peterloo - Chorus
Peterloo - Verse    
Verse - SW
Playboys and playgirls Bob Dylan on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=btbQcASWy_4
Plegaria a un Labrador - talking through words
Poverty Knocks
Power in the Union          
Power to the people - see People have the power          
Prayer for peace - see This is my...          
Preacher and the Slave (Pie in the Sky)
pdf and midi files from Strawberry Thieves
Pretty Good Day So Far
Quand un Soldat - see When a soldier..          
Raise Your Banners Knitters
Rechten (Freedom)
(The) Red Flag - rhythmn
Right To Life - (Land Rights)  
(The) River is Flowing          
(The) River Runs          
Rolling Home
Rosa - see I want Rosa to stay          
Rosa Parks recordings by Sheffield Soc. Ch.
Rosa's Lovely Daughter
Salaam - see Bringing Peace is on our shoulders          
Save our NHS (tune 'Hymn des femmes)  
Seed of hope    
Shosholosa -
( Manchester version below has better recordings)
Show us the way to peace
Si Me Quieres Escribir
Singabahambayo Thina - prononciation
Singing for our Lives; score& MP3 parts
(We are the Oxford SeaGreen Singers)
Sing for the Climate - see Bella Ciao          
Sing/March on just a little while longer
see Hold on, Sing on
Siya Hamba - We are Singing in the Name of Peace
Skin - kids song      
Slaves Lament
Slave to Time
Sleeping in Doorways          
Somewhere on Sea
Song for Gaza
Song of the Low  
(Something Inside) So Strong
Sow seeds of hope - see Seed          
SOS - NHS see NHS - SOS          
Songs of Freedom  
Song of Peace (Finlandia)
Sow the seed of Hope - see Seed          
Stand up and be counted  
Strangest Dream
Stop Making C02       for mp3 of tune see Aint gonna study war no more  
Street Music
Sweet Earth          
Summer is a-coming in - Poverty (score in book download)          
Testimony - see We will remember          
Thank you to the NHS          
Tar Sands - tune Daisy Daisy          
The goose and the common - sib at 2 speeds
The Have's Not's and the Have's      

These are the hands

These are the bastards
(anyone feel like sending me the lyrics for this?)

      Commoners Choir - hands

The Road score created 12/2/2019
There aint no planet B        
There is Power in a Union
see Power in the Union
They dont belong in Jail - tune is alto
draft harmony
They're Building a Wall       David Rovics
They say that we're scroungers - see What the papers say          
This is an emergency - see Emergency          
This is my prayer for peace - full version
sgs version (round)
This Land is Your Land          
Those Balls Have Got To Go: see Croughton Balls          
Those were the days        
Thina Simunye
Thina Siswe (words) - spoken
Three Boats Tenor - midi
Tolpuddle Man - chorus, unison        
Tom Paines Bones - Tune - sgs
Tory Boys Picnic - from Teddy Bears Picnic        
Tory Toffs (SThs = Strawberry Thieves)        
Transition Town Medley - (climate change)  
Transition Women's Medley - all midi
Txoria Txori - Hegoak - prononciation bass - SW
bass - midi
ten - SW
tenor - midi
alto - SW
alto - midi
sop - Leire
sop - midi

All - midi
All - equal voice

U Mandela
Union (The) see La Lega
Unison in Harmony
Union Miner - chorus
................... - verse
Vila Soco (meu amor) pdf - Talk through  
Viva la Quince Brigada
Vote the Bastards out        
(The) Wall Will Come Tumbling Down - see Jericho          
Walk a mile        
Walk a mile in my shoes in C or Bmaj or with 4 verses
Wangari - pitch varies on 'Wangari' at end of mp3 files
Manchester Choir at Whitby
War begets Poverty R Brown (1701) - Summer is a coming in; score in A4 book download          
War Machine Rolls Round - score & MP3 parts from Protest in Harmony
War no more - see Aint gonna study or Gnomorwah          
Watch Out - Faslane 365 site, Words schematic    
Wave Bye Bye to PFI - okey cokey tune          
We Are All Under the Stars
sung to spoken texts.
Hear Sheffield Socialist Choir recdg of 1st and 3rd sections
We are (for Peace) - (not just against the fighting)

tenor - SW

We are far more united - see Far...          
We fund our welfare
We Are The Oxford SeaGreen Singers -
see Singing for our Lives
We dont want you here (Ash Grove)         tune - midi

We'll fight on - see Amen Siakudumisa We'll fight on
(from STh = Strawberry Thieves version of S. African song Amen Siakudumisa)

We Got Fooled Again
We Have Got the Power
Were you there - see 'When I needed....'          
We're All In This Together
We're not gonna give it back       All: piano; SGS; Youtube Peggy Seeger  
We shall go singing - also called Envoi - sound files are lower than we sing.
Starting notes for what we sing here
and in Bass Hi and All together

tenor - SW
tenor - pno

We Shall not give up the fight
We're Standing Here all - HY
solo - Owly YouTube
We're standing here because of those who've gone before
We Shall Be Known  
We Teach Life, Sir
We want Rosa to stay - see I want Rosa....
We've Sung a 1000 song of peace
We Will Remember :Testimony
What the Papers Say - or Don't believe what you read in the papers  
What can we do about global warming See Climate Sceptic for harmony: i.e. what shall we do with the drunken sailor.
What did you Learn in school
When a soldier goes off to war
Quand un soldat
  bass - pno
When I needed a neighbour - Were you there -
When They Came Around - film        
We're not gonna give it back - see Not gonna give it.....          
Where have all the flowers gone        
Which side are you on for Ascott women for music see below.        
Which Side Are You On
Who do you think they are
William Brown
Women in Harmony bass - midi   alto - midi sop - midi all - midi
Womens Medley - see Transition...T          
Woman Resist - see Amen Siakudumisa WomenResist          
Women's Song
Workers Unite for the Battle
(The) World Turned Upside Down
Yil Lull
You and Me    
You aint got nothing to lose but your chains - see Chains          
You're a sleepy baby - lullaby        

zoom songs


Rounds or Short Warm-Up Songs

A Revolution now wouldnt do us any harm
('cos we're leading from below)
Ah Yellay
Break ‘em on        
pt 1 - midi
pt 2 - midi
pt 3 - midi
Click clap - warm up activity          
Come And Sing
DOH the stuff that buys the beer      
Doo bah doo bah - warm up      
Equity deputy warm-up      
Friends, only love can succeed  
Gospel Train        
Ho Tarakoi - Japanese round      
Hip Hop - activity warm up        
Its Women Make Us Love        
Keep on singing
My name is ... lets sing along        
Mmmmmm - warm-up        
On and on - round        
Oongoowah - call response        
Peace in our heart        
Peel banannas        
Shooby-doo-wah - each person starts one after the other on each beat        
ToeKneeChestNutNose - Tony Chestnt knows...        
What do we want
warm up round - 1 - 121 - 12321 - 1234321.....        
Welcome, we're gonna sing together
Welcome, welcome, welcome ???? welcome        
We're gonna change the world - see Keep on singing
We thought it was wrong (We want peace)
We want peace, justice and peace        
Where there is no vision - round        

Manchester Street Choir Festival Songs

25 Years
Eh Malama
Bass - Man.
Tenor - Man.
Alto - Man.
Sop - Man.
All - Man.
Freedom Alto-high
Shosholosa - Manchester score
Scores to above (pdf file)          

General Interest: The Island Jazz Opera

Listen to 'The Island' by William Russo, words by Adrian Michell, with Cleo Lane and Dennis Quilley, played by the Russo orchestra, leader Leon Calvert. This is a jazz opera written for radio at around the time of the expulsion of the Diego Garcia islanders to make way for a US airbase as described in an article by John Pilger. It combines the resources of a chamber orchestra and a big band. It contrasts the superficialities of US popular culture with the simplicity of the islanders. It was recorded from the radio but the quality is sufficient to convey the beauty and power of the music and the tragedy of the story. I have put it here because it is unavailable elsewhere. I think the political message is still too strong to re-broadcast it
Click here to listen to it (10 minute mp3 files parts 1 to 3)
Hear the interview with Jo Thoenes on BBC Oxford with Pete Cranston about the SeaGreen Singers broadcast on 12th October 2009

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Moby songs: Run On; - Sometimes
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