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Sea Green Singers - Climate Skeptic by Douglas Hamilton - lyrics and score

Climate Skeptic by Douglas Hamilton words copyright
Tune: What shall we do with the drunken sailor
The verses are sung in unison; the chorus is sung in harmony

What can you do with a climate skeptic x3
If they won't shut up.

1. Tie up their assets in coastal property x3
Rising expectations

2. Put ‘em in a desert and ration their water x3
We’ll see how they like it.

3. Take ‘em to the artic and make ‘em tread water x3
‘Mongst the polar bears.

4. Lock ‘em in a room with nothing but money x3
See what good it does them

5. Make ‘em explain to their children’s children x3
Why they did not care

Excerpts of recordings of some of the songs we sang at the Green Fair 2010, particularly the song Climate Sceptic, have been used on Youtube as a soundtrack for an edited version of a video produced by the 10:10 organisation. The Seagreen Singers would like to disassociate themselves entirely from the 'mashup' and also from the original video and point out that we sing songs to promote peace and do not support the violent elimination of political opponents which is shown in the video. Feb 2011