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Sea Green Singers - Badger Song - lyrics

Badger Song - Jenny Wright (Raise the Rafters)

Chorus (Altos and Basses)
Boom-chucka-boom-boom, I'm just a badger,
What have I done to you?

Other parts: (Tenors and Sops)
Boom-chucka-boom-boom, cha-boom-boom
What have I done to you? Who-o-oa

1. In days gone by, you'd come and lie in the woods to admire me
But now you bring your guns and you shoot me down
'Cos you say I spread TB

2. Does my stripey head offend you? Don't you like the way I run?
If we lived in Wales, we could be saved
By injections in our bum

3. The obvious solution, is to vaccinate the cows
But the European union, They say that's not allowed

4. Bovine Tuberculosis won't disappear with me
Just 'cos your hygiene's poor,don't shoot me to the floor
And let me die in agony