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Sea Green Singers - Skin by Leon Rosselson - For an enlarged A4 image click on the image

(Leon Rosselson)

Chorus: You need skin, take good care of it
Don't harm a hair of it
What would you do without it?
Keep it clean, soapy water every day
Will wash the dirt and smells away

1. Whether you're fat or whether you're thin
It keeps the germs from crawling in
Whether you're skinny or whether you're stout
It stops the blood from trickling out

 2. Whether you're black or whether you're brown
It keeps your tummy from tumbling down
Whether you're silly or whether you're smart
It keeps your bones from falling apart

3. Whether you're dark or whether you're fair
Skin's the thing for growing your hair
It's waterproof in rainy weather
And keeps the bits of your body together