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Sea Green Singers - Climate for Peace by Sue Gilmurray


1. The climate of earth
determines our lives,
deciding what grows,
deciding what thrives;
the heat and the cold,
the sun and the rain
are why some things fade
and others remain.

Ch.: A climate for peace
is what we desire,
to which every heart
can learn to aspire,
to build on the past
and all that we know,
a climate for peace
in which we can grow.

2. The climate can change
for better or worse,
can mean life or death,
be blessing or curse;
and now we must learn
from nature’s own laws
that we are at risk
and we are the cause.
3. The climate for life
is one we must choose:
united we win,
divided we lose.
We learned to compete,
now we must combine,
so reach out your hand –
I’ll meet it with mine.