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Sea Green Singers - Hip Hop - warm-up activity

Caller shouts-------- Everyone shouts response (everybody mostly does the opposite of the action called
---------------------- e.g. if the call is hip then you hop, if the call is hop then you slap your hip with your hand)
Hip -------------------------------Hop (hop on one foot)
Hop ------------------------------Hip (Slap hip)
Clap -----------------------------Click (click fingers)
Click -----------------------------Clap (clap)
Star -------------------------------Rock (get into pose with left leg stretched out and right hand pointing up to stars like Travolta)
Rock------------------------------Star (get into pose with both arms outstretched acknowledging applause)
Roller -----------------------------Coaster (move both arms in wave movement as if on a switch-back roller-coaster)
Ginger bread house -------------- Come in my pretty (make beckoning movement to welcome children into your house)
(Last call) Cops are coming ------Leg it (each one runs to opposite side of circle)