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Sea Green Singers - Carry Greenham Home


Carry Greenham Home - Peggy Seeger

1. Hand in hand,
The line extends.
All around the nine mile fence
Thirty thousand women chant
Bring the message home

Carry Greenham home,
Yes, Nearer home and far away,
Carry Greenham home.

2. Singing voices, rising higher.
Weave a dove into the wire
In our hearts a blazing fire.
Bring the message home.


3. No one asked us if we cared
If Cruise should be stationed there.
Now we've got them running scared
Bring the message home


4. Here we sit, here we stand,
Here we claim the common land.
Nuclear arms shall not command,
Bring the message home


5. Singing voices, sing again,
To the children, to the men,
From the Channel to the glens
Bring the message home