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Sea Green Singers - It's the same the whole world over


It's the same the whole world over

Chorus: (harmony)
It's the same the whole world over, It's the poor what gets the blame,
It's the rich what keeps the money, Aint it all a blooming shame?

1. (unison) It's the same the UK over,
Cuts are coming for us all,
Jobs and homes and schools and health care,
We are heading for a fall.

2. (unison) We must keep the banks a-floating,
The world will end if they go bust,
Capital must be supported,
The poor and young will prop them up.

Chorus: (harmony)

3. (unison) It's the same the UK over,
Its the poor that gets the cuts
And the rich still get the pickings,
They have got us by the nuts.

4. (unison) We must protest long and loudly,
Demonstrate until we drop
We must stand as one together,
Tell them this has got to stop.

Chorus: (harmony)

Additional Verses

Out of work and lost our houses
Closed hospitals, the Dole is cut
but its fair we're told and equal
child benefit for the rich is cut

Standing by the bank at midnight
Counting out his bonus pile
Stands the poor old hedge fund worker
Trying to hide his evil smile

He's made a pile on dodgy home loans
Traded bad debts, flogged bad shares
Bought a beemer , Mayfair mansions
With cash conjured from thin air

Boom and bust is good for business
Boom times best without a doubt
But in bust time he's still smiling
knowing taxpayers bail him out

Have the bankers now departed
Leaving us to pay the bill
No chance Gov'ments in their pocket
Their chubby hands still in the till