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Sea Green Singers - Fight the cuts - lyrics and score - click on image to enlarge it

Fight the cuts
to the tune of 'Rock my Soul in the Bosom of Abraham'
Harmony sing the first three words of each verse slowly over the top; women and men alternate with the harmonic line.

Fight the cuts, they mustn't get away with it x 3
Fight, fight the cuts

Tax the rich and make them pay for it (x3)
Tax, tax the rich

We want change and we're marching (or singing) today for it (x3)
Change, we want change.

1. N H S, We must save it x3, save the N H S (top voice: save the N H S)

2. T-T I P, All say no to it, x 3, No to T-T I P (top voise: no T-T I P)

3. Privatise, will cost us lives x3, Don't privatise (top voice: don't privatise)