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Sea Green Singers - Ode To Privatisation - lyrics

Ode to Privatisation, verses 1&2
The singing is split between men (M) and women (W). The words 'Oh profit' should be sung with force; 'Naninaninah' is a fill-ill to give light relief so not too loud.

1. M: (Boom, boom, continues through 1st verse)
W: Well, they've privatised gas and they've privatised phones
They've privatised water and they've privatised our homes
They wanna make a profit any way they can In the name of efficiency

M: Oh profit
W: nani nani nani na,
M : they want profit
W: nani nani nani na
M: Oh I wonder where it goes,
W: Oh, heaven only knows.
M Oh profit
W: nani nani nani na
M: lots of profit
W: nani nani nani na
All : But it's not for you or me
W: nani nani nani nani nani nani na.

2. M: They're trying to privatise health,
W: they wanna privatise schools.
M: They're privatising benefits
W: and changing all the rules.
All: Competition's healthy, or so they say,
But not for the workers' pay.

Chorus (same format)
Oh, profit (naninaninanina), lovely profit (naninaninanina)
For the pockets of the few while there's millions on the dole
Profit (naninaninanina), still more profit (naninaninanina)
But it's not for you or me.

New tune (unison) sung mournfully and slow:
3. Empower the consumer we've oft heard it said;
but that's not much good if you've ended up dead
'Cos you couldn't afford all the things that you need
What with VAT on your fuel bills and a family to feed

4. The deficit's too large, the Con-Dems proclaim
Gordon bailed out the bankers, p'raps Labour's to blame
'We're all in this together', the government say
But the richer you are the less tax you will pay*
*spoken interlude: see below

Chorus: (same format)
Oh, profit (naninaninanina), pots of profit (naninaninanina)
For the governmental coffers and their friends in private offices
Profit (naninaninanina), they get more profit (naninaninanina)
At the expense of you or me.

5. (M): Boom boom ....
Next they'll privatise the trees and they'll privatise the sea
They'll privatise the sky and the air that we breathe
They wanna give us choice is what they'll say
All: Well, this is our choice - NO WAY!

Chorus: (same format)
No more profit (no more profit, no more profit),
just for the bosses (for the bosses, for the bosses)
We want good services and salaries for everybody guaranteed
Profit (give us profit, give us profit),
Yes we want profit (we want profit, we want profit)
All: To be shared by everyone -

*spoken: when calculated as a percentage of total income including direct and indirect taxes, even without taking tax evasion and avoidance into account

Song was performed at NHS for sale - street theatre in Lewisham June 4th written and performed by Strawberry Thieves (London) and Les Sans Noms (Nancy, France) 4th June 2011