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Sea Green Singers - Tory Boys Picnic - lyrics and score - click on image for A4 size image

Tory Boys Picnic
(tune: Teddy Bears' picnic, words: Liverpool Socialist Singers)

1. If you go out for a walk today
You'd better not catch a cold
You'll end up going to hospital
And finding that it's been sold
Cos Lansley's cut the National Health
And sold it off to private wealth
Today's the day we're gathering for a fightback.

(second tune and change of key)
2. Boom time now for companies
The private sector spivs are having a lovely time today
Public sector wages freeze
And lots of jobs for them to take away
We won't let our service die
You told a lie, that's why
We're making a lot of noise
Your time is up, Grim Reaper is coming
To take you all away
Because you're sick little Tory boys

3. All health workers who have been good
Are in for a big surprise
When every part of the NHS
Will vanish before their eyes.
They'll have to watch their patients die
While PFI is pie in the sky
Today's the day we're gathering for a fightback

repeat second verse and add coda
Sad little Tory
Cruel little Tory Boys