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Sea Green Singers - No More Shopping - Score and Lyrics - To see an enlarged A4 image click on the image


No More Shopping by Camlla Cancantata, arr. Jane Lewis

1. A world run for profit is not sustainable,we can't keep on expanding more and more.
We need to change the way we live, take much less and learn to give,
Not destroy the earth with war.

2. Do we really need to buy so many versions of one thing, mostly made in countries far away.
Instead of going on shopping sprees we took the time to care for trees,
We coud grow a forest in a day.

3. Leave behind the bustle, listen to the trees, watch the birds flying through the sky.
Money is an aberration, let's use our imagination, never have to sell or buy.

Alternative last line:
Money is a fickle master, selfish banking a disaster, don't destroy the earth with greed