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Sea Green Singers - Make it Mend it - score and lyrics

Make it Mend it - by Lester Simpson, arr. Lester Simpson, Voice Publishing

Growing up in hard times on the wrong side of the track
Means you're often taking short cuts and you're always looking back.
But though you're running bare foot chasing dreams down dead end streets,
You remember what your mama said About the way to make ends meet
You gotta make it mend it wear it our, make it do or do without.
You gottta make it mend it wear it out, make it do or do without

When my old man learned his trade they made things that would last.
They tempered future vision with the knowledge of the past.
If something broke or wore out, well you know they'd feel no shame.
For they took pride in using skills, to make it good again.
Now the watchword is disposable and plastics rule the day.
And if something now gets broken, well you can only throw it away.
But when the wells all dry up and the mines are all worked out.
You'll see this house start falling, hear the poor and hungry shout

Now politicians tell you that they're green and left or right.
They can see the problem clearly, they can understand our plight.
But if greed's the only motive, a chance for all to fill their purse.
How can things expand forever, you know that bubble's got to burst