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Sea Green Singers -Street Music - Score and lytics - click on score image to enlarge each sheet


Street Music - Words: Lesley Lear and Tune: Gilly Fordham

1. We're taking music to the streets,
We'll sing in all those public places
where there's anyone who'll listen
and a song will bring a smile to people's faces.
We're making usic in the streets,
the soun will echo far and near,
our voices raised in song,
and we're singing for the causes we hold dear

X We'll sing our songs of love and protest
and our songs of celebration.
And from the world we've learnt the songs
of peace and reconciliation

And so we'll sing their songs with hope
We'll sing with love and hope our singing
echoes across the nation.

We're making music everwhere
Around the world you'll hear the singing of the songs demanding justice. oin the call to hear the bells of freedom ringing.

repeat from X: We'll sing out songs of love .....