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Sea Green Singers - Easy Money - Click on image to enlarge it

Easy Money

1. The way I got my easy money, is when employment rules are light. The rules are light
[I open and I close the factories down without a thought for workers rights] x2

2. I opened workshops for the children, in the far East and other lands, in other lands.
[Their little hands can sew the shoes up much cheaper than their parents can]. x2

3. The night time I employ the women, their chance to earn a few more pence, a few more pence
[That way they take care of their children, good family values and business sense.] x2

4. Today I'm a bus'ness consultant, I tell banks if their firms should shut, if they should shut.
[Of course it breaks my heart to close them down, but that's the way I get my cut] x2

5. Next job is power house the North then there is the west and south and east, then there's the east
[Each time I close a fact'ry down there is always a few million for me] x2