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Printing files

Question: How to print double-sided song books from pdf files - e.g. those listed here in Song List (mp3 files and scores) for gigs

NB: These instructons are for my Samsung laser printer - you may need different instructions for your printer.

The files for gigs are extracts of relevant scores and sound files for the songs sung at each gig. Booklets contain just the words for these songs. There are usually two formats:
1): song book as Word doc with the words in sequence usually printed on one side of an A4 sheet or whatever your printer offers.
or 2): same document as pdf files to be printed as a double sided booklet consisting of two pdf files, one for odd numbers to be printed on one side of an A4 page; one pdf file to be printed on the back of the first pages for even numbered pages.

To print A5 (2 pages on A4 sheet folded in middle)
Pages to print: All
Size: Shrink oversized pages
Orientation: Landscape
When the first page is printed, put the paper back in tray to print off page 2 onthe back of the sheets, with the print side up and so it can be read looking from the right hand side.

To print A6 (4 pages on A4 sheet, cut half way down length after printing and collated)
The only way to achieve an A6 booklet is to print to two pdf files, one for each side of the paper, for odd and even numbers. Although the pdf file only appears as an A5 booklet i.e. one page on half an A4 sheet, it will print as an A6 booklet when you choose: All to print
Page Sizing: Multiple / Custom / 1x2 pages to print
Print both sides off
Page order horizontal
Portrait paper size
Preview screen shows A4 with one page split in half mid-way: one page at top and one page at bottom looking as it will appear on the printed sheet.
The number of A4 sheets printed is correct i.e. not the number of pages in the document.
Don't print 'Eco' when asked i.e. choose 'No'
After printing first pages, print off the second page on the backs so put the paper with one side printed on it in the tray with printed side up and upside down .i.e. bottom of page enters printer first.

Question: The pages printed on the website are either too small or too large and do not fit on the printed page

You can print out the web page as you see it if you click on 'File' on the menu at the top of the web page and then choose 'Print': it will print out the whole web page. You can set the magnification, whether it is 'landscape' or 'portrait' view in the settings of the printer or go to Preview and you can change settings there including setting a custom magnification which you can adjust so you see all of what you want before you print it.

Below is more explanation of changing magnification.


You should be able to print at the chosen magnification.

Question: I cant find the lyrics to the songs?

The lyrics of all the songs are below the score as text. Scroll down past the score to the bottom of the page. You can copy the lyrics and paste them where you want such as into a Word document and format them how you like. I advise that when you are pasting you go to the <Edit> menu and choose <Paste Special> <Unformatted Text> rather than the paste icon on the menu bar or Ctrl-V. Otherwise you may paste the code used in the web page as well as the text and this can produce unexpected results. The lyrics may be more up-to-date than the score since it is easier and quicker to correct text or change it than to change the score.


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