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Sea Green Singers contact telephone Mike Cox: (+44 (0)7815 914776
e-mail: mail@seagreensingers.com
Events and Song List page if available (mp3 files and scores)
for gigs; songs are extracted from the main song webpage
Levellers Day, 16 May 2020, Burford book to follow
Holocaust day walk at Upper Heyford 26 Jan 11am - see google poll details  
One World Fair 9th Nov (Sat), and Green Fair 1st Dec. (Sun)  
Levellers Day 11 May, Burford. Morning commemoration  
Extinction rebellion demo 15thApril. London, Parliament Squarel 11.00am  
Stand up to racism Songsheet for demo 16/03/19  
Palestine Carols songbook  
Extinction rebellion demo 7thDec Town Hall 9.30am single sheet plus Green Fair songbook
Campsfield meeting, 22 Nov. 2018, Town Hall
Green Fair Saturday, 1th December, 2018

Town hall - Probable time: meet in the Town Hall at 1.45pm (probably) - singing at 2.00pm
Hear the Peoples Voices: Hidden History 2Abngdon (17/11/18)  
One World Fair, 3rd nov Town Hall, 2pm  
18th August: Elder Stubbs Festival. We start3pm., Please enter through the side gate at 52 Little hay Road at 2pm for our sing through Download songsheet containing words of Rain Forest Song, Carbon Free Society, Conservation round, Climate sceptic, One song, one dance, one world, one chance, Wangari, Transition Town Medley, Sing for the climate, Chant from native Americans
Hear the Peoples Voices: Hidden History ( 28/4/17)  
World Fair and Green Fair, 18th Nov 2017  
Abingdon, 18th June 2017 with Oxfam choir  
Levellers Day version 2, 20th May 2017  
Leveller Day 2017, 20 May  
Suggested songsheet for NHS demo, 4th March 2017  
World Fair 2016  
Peace Songs  
Street Choir Festival, Leicester 24-26th June 2016 song book
Conscientious Objectors Events and Peace Plaque May 15th  
Levellers Day 2016, May 15th songbook
Womens Day, Tuesday March 8th  
Green Fair, Dec 5th Saturday 2015 songbook
IBMT Spanish Memorial 2015  
Levellers Day Songs 2015  
Political Songs  
NHS songs  
Global Disinvestment Day - Fossil Fuels - Feb 14th 2015  
Centenary of The Fellowship of Reconciliation Service 17th Jan 2015 Aldermaston and Trident AWE songbook
Download replica (Word doc) of 'Action AWE Songbook' .
Download small version printing double sided to A6: - printing instructions
Green Fair Dec 6th 2014

Songs for 'Wrap up Parliament' demo, Jan 24th, 2015:
To print normally on A4 or A5 or to make A6 booklet (i.e.print two sheets on one) print from word doc; Word doc
T o print double-sided A6 use pdf files: print page 1 pdf file on one side, turn over paper and print page 2 pdf file on the other side, cut up and assemble (make sure paper for second page enters printer right way, for me thats the top of the page face-up and entering first): Page 1; Page 2

One World Fair 2014  
Peace Makers 2014  
IBMT Spanish Memorial 2014  
Levellers Day 2014  
Levellers Day 2013  


Sea Green Singers contact telephone Mike Cox: (+44 (0)7815 914776
or e-mail mail@seagreensingers.com
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