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We're standing here - anthem for Extinction Rebellion by Helen Yeomans and 'Owley' Dave Rasden
see Song sheet for mp3 files and words.

Extinction Rebellion songs, 15th April 2019

SGS Songs

Carbon free society - english county garden
Down where the trees are tall - down by the riverside
Lay down your rigs - aint gonna study war
Leave the oil in the ground - diggers song
One song one dance one world one chance
Sing for the climate - bella cia
Tar sands - daisy daisy
Transition town melody - when the saints, swing low, I'm gonna sing
What can we do about global warming - what shall we dowiththedrunken sailor
Seed of hope
People got the power - XR chant from demo

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Download songsheet for both SGS and Raised Voices
Download double-sided song book with chords: Page one, - Page 2
How to print a booklet from pdf files

Webpage of all songs to view on phones

Raised Voices song sheet

1. Bella Ciao (also on SGS songsheet)
2. Blowin in the wind
3. Pachamama
4. One song (also on SGS songsheet)
5. This is an emergency
6. Carbon neutral society (also on SGS songsheet)
7. Those were the days
8. Consume doom doom
9. Sleepwalkers

Leave the oil in the ground - (Diggers Song)
Tar Sands - tune Daisy Daisy          
Sing for the Climate - Bella Ciao
One Song, 1 Dance, 1 World, 1 Chant
Mp3: first part of song; midi from Strawberry Thieves
Transition Town Medley - (climate change)  
Down where the trees grow tall - Down by the Riverside          
What can we do about global warming - sung words on mp3's here are what shall we do about a climate sceptic
Carbon Free Society Tune: English Country Garden  
Lay down your rigs or Aint gonna study war no more tenor - pno
Seed of hope    
Power to the people - XRchant        

Raised voices songsheet

Bella Ciao RV version
see above for words
Blowing in the wind Recycling        
One song
see above        
This is an emergency          
Carbon Neutral Society see above        
Those were the days          
Consume doom doom          

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