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NB: The sound files shown on the 'Songs' page are recordings of rehearsals when we were first learning our parts
and are not representative of our performances.
You can hear recordings of some performances by clicking here.
The clips below also capture the atmosphere of some performances we have given in the past.


Levellers Days video

Hidden History Concert on Saturday 28th April Quakers Meeting House: links to youtube videos for all the songs.
Here are links to youtube videos of songs from the HH concert:

Introduction to whole concert - 21 minutes

Songs in concert including subtitles
John Ball - https://youtu.be/lusauqioQls
Diggers - https://youtu.be/u2d3ZOWPlko
Bonnie Besses - https://youtu.be/ijaCcN8bJSQ
George Fox - https://youtu.be/uxPxv2XA74I
Tom Paines Song - https://youtu.be/fY6XPuD78Yw
Slaves Lament - https://youtu.be/APuok_bzbFo
Peterloo - https://youtu.be/5xipfcV7HlQ
Chartist Anthem - https://youtu.be/BnWIjKZk1d8
Sow seeds of hope - https://youtu.be/th1rDz1B-CA
Poverty Knock - https://youtu.be/AYCrZ75B10o
Tolpuddle Man - https://youtu.be/QfjInB5t5ao
Emily Inspires Us Yet - https://youtu.be/H2QzjiM8O-k
Which Side Are You On - https://youtu.be/n18r2VyPpY4
Manchester Rambler - https://youtu.be/k6qQ9aJJ7yk
CarryGreenham Home - https://youtu.be/XnJRJunGFOY
No Gong Back - https://youtu.be/xGItwYDRM2Y
We Shall GoSinging - https://youtu.be/MMXMtD5x6qc

Levellers Day, May 20th 2017 - Liz Hodgson very generously agreed to keep us singing on the straight and narrow in the absence of Sarah Westcott on holiday.

1. Bella ciao, 2. Chartist Anthem, 3. Climate sceptic, 4. Fight the cuts, 5. La lega 7. Oh a revolution now (to the tune of 'A drop o' Nelson's blood)
8. Singing for our lives, 9, Siyahamba, 10. Tom Paine's Bones, 11. Transition Town Medley, 12. We will fight on,

Click on banner to see video of Bella Ciao

Cruse Benefit meeting of 5 choirs*, Saturday, Oct 1st, 2016, Friends Meeting House,
* Jericho choir, Garsington singers, Joined up singing, Sounds Fun, Towersy choir. Sarah taught Walk a mile in my shoes and finished on the E.
Here is a sample taught by Philip of Spooky Mens choir: Do the Right Thing (not very good sound cos made on an old phone)d

We submitted this video to two groups:
Lay Down Your Guns and Shields:
You can hear it in Windows format (wmv) - here
You can hear it in Apple format (mov) - here
You can hear it on YouTube - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pItzmOtk8Rw or here https://youtu.be/pItzmOtk8Rw

1: Dear One Day One Choir Singers,
Thank you again for signing up to sing with us for Peace Day this year, we are closing in on our target of 1 million or more singers around the world, singing for peace on Peace Day so thanks for being a part of that and for sharing with others.
We have some really wonderful and inspiring sign ups from all kinds of groups all over the world so do know that as well as making a difference in your own community, you are also connecting and singing with amazing people around the planet who love singing together and are using it to create a huge message about peace and unity.

2: Say No!
is an international project for choirs and small musical ensembles. Together we bring a tribute to the deserters. A new composition and related songs by different choirs will draw a firm attention to deserters and war objectors. This performance is also a call to FleeTheFrenzy: Say No! to the madness of weaponry and war.

We are looking for choirs worldwide to sing a song from their repertoire that expresses their commitment to war resistance. Ain't gonna study war nomore is a very nice example of such a song and up to now, this song isn't yet chosen by other choirs participating. So it would be very nice if you would have a recording of it and if you could send it. The idea is that you make a recording of your version of the song,
brought by your choir.

When you send the recording to us and visual artist and videomaker Jan Vromman will make out of all these shootings a video installation. Thi installation will be disseminated through the world wide web and will be
presented in the autumn of 2016 in Brussels. Your own recordings plus the video installation will be posted on our websitewww.sayno.be.>

Peace Event, Abingdon, 3rd July, St Ethelwold’s ‘A Celebration of Summer’. Songs of Peace and Social Justice by the Seagreen Singers
and circle dancing on the lawn with music, the tea and cakes followed by a time in the Sanctuary listening to the words of some of the great teachers of this world.
Song-list for Peace Event, Abingdon, 3rd July
We are the Oxford SGS + Gentle, angry people, We've sung a thousand songs of peace : tune only, Lay down your sword and shield
Bringing peace is on our shoulders, We are all under the stars, We've sung a thousand songs of peace: tune + altos
Foolish Notion, If all the might of darkness, We are for peace, This is my prayer for peace, We've sung a thousand songs of peace: all parts
In reserve, if time and appropriate: songs on other themes
John Ball, Let us in, Txoria - Basque song

Street Choir Festival: 2016 About 40 or so street choirs from all corners of the country came to Leicester for a weekend of singing from Friday 24th until Sunday 26th June and will be based at Curve theatre.
The Massed Sing in Jubilee Square (12 noon Saturday 25th June) when all the choirs, about 800 people, will gather in Jubilee Square to sing:
• Ain't Gonna Study War (Roxane Smith)
• Different Ships (Kirsty Martin) which we haven't sung before
• E Malama (Nickomo)
• Never Turning Back (Pat Humphries) - this is on our web site but we haven't sung it since I have been coming, something like the last 8 years or so.
• Singing For Our Lives (Holly Near arr. Jane Schonveld and Val Regan)
• The Internationale (Billy Bragg)
Busking at around 15 busking sites around Leicester city centre (1 pm until 4.30 pm Saturday 25th June)
Example of workshop learning from Kirsty Martin: 'Music's not gonna change the world' - mid voice, all
Levellers Day, Burford, 14th May 2016: click on image to enlarge it.

Womens International Festival, Tuesday, 8th March, in the Oxford Town Hall on Women's Day. The room will be laid out in ten tables & there will be refreshments available.

1. Intro: We are the Oxford Sea Green Singers; 2. Women in Harmony: 3. Women's song: 4. Nana was a suffragette: 5. Wangari: 6. La lega: 7. No going back: 8. Bread and Roses: 9. Rosa Parks: 10. Bella Ciao - For Women
11. Transition Women's Medley.

Click on image to see video clip of Transition Womens Medley

Also at mid-day, Oxfam house with Oxfam choir

Anti - Trident demo, London 27th Feb. 2016: Assemble 12 noon, Saturday Location Marble Arch, London

Campaign choirs singing at Trident demo. (Calder Valley Voices, Yorkshire; Côr Gobaith, Aberystwyth; East Lancs Clarion Choir, Lancashire; Liverpool SocialistSingers; Protest In Harmony, Edinburgh; Raised Voices,
London; Red and Green, London; Red Leicester; Red Notes, Bristol; Rise Up Singers, London; Sea Green Singers, Oxford; Sheffield Socialist Choir; StrawberryThieves, London; TubThumpers, Brighton.

Click on left image for video of Trident has got to go - Click on right image for Siya Hamba video
Friday, 5th February Support gig for Oxford City Farm. singing for around 20mins and there is a band and ukelele group planned. The event will be in St Gregs school in Cricket Lane at 7pm

singing Sea Green Singers: Climate Sceptic: Carbon free society: When I needed a neighbour: Bella ciao for the climate: Just desserts round: Those were the days
Saturday, 12 December, 2015, Paris, COP21 Climate change demo: crowd on march around choirs singing Bella Ciao
- Click on image to see video clip of Bella Ciao

Saturday, 5th December, 2015, Green Fair, Town hall, Meet in the Town Hall at 11.45pm (probably) - two sessions: first at 12.30, second at 1.30pm). Songs (in singing order in two sessions)

1. Intro: We are the Oxford SGS - see Singing for our lives, 2. Sing for the climate (tune: Bella Ciao), 3. Right to life - Land rights, 4. Leave the oil in the ground (tune: Diggers song)
5. E Malama, 6. Walk a mile in my shoes. 7. Let us in: Calais refugee song, 8. When I needed a neighbour - Were you there, 9. I want Rosa to stay, 10. Green song
11. Transition Town Medley (tunes: When the Saints, Swing low, I'm gonna sing), 12. Carbon Free Society (tune: English Country Garden),

Click on images to enlarge.
29th November 2015, COP21 Climate Change Demo: 'Raised Voices so enjoyed your company at the Climate Demo on Sunday! And although it was grey and windy, the rain held off. We didn't get an accurate count but think we were at least sixty singers in the first stand, on Hyde Park Corner at the start of the march, and probably thirty-five or forty at the second stand, down at Downing Street. Certainly we had singers there from East Lancs Clarion choir, Red Leicester, Sheffield Socialist Choir, Sea Green Singers from Oxford, and Hullabaloo / R&G from Brighton. From London we had members of the Rise-up group, Red and Green, and a great input from Strawberry Thieves - John very usefully playing our pre-recorded songs to boost the volume. Alone, Raised Voices wouldn't have been more than fifteen or sixteen - our sound would have been feeble without you all!' Play a video
Click on photo to see clip of singing at demo

3rd October 2015, Saturday, Songs for the International Brigade Memorial Trust (IBMT) to raise funds to pay for a memorial to the 26 men and women from Oxfordshire and Oxford University who went to Spain to defend the Spanish Republic against Franco and the nationalist rebels. 2nd Concert: Aidez L'Espagne,
A Concert in tribute to the men and women of Oxfordshire who fought for freedom in the Spanish Civil War 1936-39, West Oxford Community Centre, Botley Road, OX2 0BT, Car Park, 5 minutes walk from railway station, Saturday, October 3rd, Concert 7.45 to 11-15, Ran Kan Kan, The SeaGreen Singers, John Christie, Maeve Bayton, La Pasionaria's. The Internationale, Film by Sonia Boue at 7pm when bar opens
N'kosi Sikelele, Bella Ciao, Derry Streets, Asikhatali, Maria Luisa, La Quince Brigada, Jarama, Rosa Parks

16 May, Saturday, 10.30 to 3.30 - Levellers’ Day 2015, Burford,
The theme was Education – the key to Democracy, Speakers for the debate:
Melissa Benn is a journalist and writer, Kevin Courtney is the Assistant General Secretary of the National Union of Teachers, Danny Dorling is a British social geographer at the University of Oxford and Visiting Professor at various places, Paul Mackney will be chairing the debate. We sang:
32 - We are the Oxford Sea Green Singers (Gentle, angry people, Red and green together), Becky gives a welcome, 12 - Fight the cuts (no-one, self-explanatory), 26 - We got fooled again Mike, 28 - Don't believe what you read in the papers Bridget, 10 - Great Pretender Hazel, 28 - We will fight on Sarah W, 30 - Diggers Pete, 32 - Levellers Day Song Sue,14 - I want Rosa to stay Liz
4 - Bella Ciao (education) Ann W, 1 - Bankers Song Bridget, 8 - Bugger the bankers Gil, 16 - It's the same the whole world over (no-one, self-explanatory), We're all in this together Pete

9, 22, 23,25th April Hustings for election singing songs to Save the NHS: Hustings 9th April Thurs ,
Election Hustings for CPRE about rural England Thursday 9th April, at St. Barnabas Church, Cardigan Street, Jericho, Oxford, OX26BG, 7.00pm - 9.00pm.
Chair: Bill Heine, BBC Radio Oxford. Clip of singing on local news TV.
4 April 2015: 'Counter cultural' event in Bonn Square against EDLwho marched in Oxford 4th April.We sang before the SWP sound system drowned us out with revolutionary songs on their sound system. No footage of singing but a clip of what we were demonstrating against: around 100 EDL persons trying to march through Oxford. They didn't make it!
click on image to see video near police station.

14th March 2015 Pre-election busking, Saturday: Carfax next to 'Save NHS' stall. Singing to support Saving our NHS, Stopping the EU-US trade deal TTIP, Cracking down on tax dodging

14th Feb 2015: Global Divestment Day: People across 6 continents are planning a day of action that will challenge the fossil fuel industry’s social license to operate and bring divestment campaigning to a new, truly global level. To break the climate deadlock, we celebrate a Global Divestment Day in Oxford on Feb 14th. There were a number of "flash mob" type events, meeting at 1pm in Radcliffe Square.Photos of the event by the professional photographer are here in large and small formats. They probably won't be there for too long so download what you want (right click each photo and use 'Save as' on the menu). I will put a few on this web page in due course.

A video of the demo here

22th Nov One World Fair, Town Hall.
6th Dec. Green Fair, Town Hall. Usual performance time between midday and 2pm, tbc
15th November 2014 Commemorating the Peacemakers, Friends Meeting House, 43 St Giles, Oxford, OX1 3LW, Day conference with FoR, Oxford Quakers, Movement for the Abolition of War and Ruskin College.There are plenty of events around the world marking 100 years since the start of “The Great War”. Our programme aims to offer an alternative history and focus on those who tried to prevent the war, and those who resisted it, both before it started and during it. We will learn about the peace, labour and women’s movements leading up to the war and what they were doing in 1914. We will try to relate their struggles to those of peace-makers today and what lessons we have learnt about peace-making for 2014. In the evening Free Concert, 7.30pm – 9.30pm, Sea Green Singers – songs of justice and peace interspersed with poetry readings about war and peace, Ciaran Walsh: story-teller, recounting the Christmas Truce. Men’s group singing songs about the pity of war, East Oxford Community Choir: excerpts from ‘The Armed Man, a Mass for Peace’, by Karl Jenkins.

Hear songs from the concert here
Click on image to enlarge

28th September 2014: Lewisham People Before Profit and Strawberry Thieves Choir invite SeaGreen Singers to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the founding of the International Working Men’s Association (the First International on 28th September 1864 at St Martin's Hall, Long Acre, London. The event is at 3.00pm at the Rivoli Ballroom, 346-350 Brockley Road, Crofton Park, London SE4 2BY (opposite Crofton Park Station served by trains from Blackfriars). There will be an opportunity for discussion and celebration of achievements of the international working class movement with songs, posters, banners in a non-sectarian atmosphere. There will be entertainment from from revolutionary choirs in France, Italy, Belgium, Germany and other parts of Britain. We are also inviting acoustic musicians known for their commitment to the working class movement. Marxist magician Ian Saville will participate and perform (check him out on YouTube).
Download the poster here

6th September 2014: Concert in aid of International Brigade Memorial Trust (IBMT) to raise funds to pay for a memorial to the 26 men and women from Oxfordshire and Oxford University who went to Spain to defend the Spanish Republic against Franco and the nationalist rebels. to be placed in Bonn Square in Oxford. 6.30 p.m at The Gladiators Club, 263 Iffley Road, Oxford, OX4 1SJ
Songs: Maria Luisa, Asikhatali, Bella Ciao, Dance des bombes , Derry Streets , Jarama, Nkosi sikelele, Rosa Parks, Viva la Quince Brigada
17th May 2014 Levellers Day: Speaker: Frances O’Grady, TUC General Secretary. Due to planned refurbishment of hall next to church we sang in front of the church under the tree for 30 minutes and at the recreation ground at the top of the hill.
below left: 30 mins singing before the comemoration ceremony by the church; right: singing Internationale and Red Flag at end of debate.
1st May Soapbox City Broad Street Oxford, Oh Mr Cameron: see the performance: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zfqPVsXZoRM
13th April 2014, Sing with 'Raise the rafters' (Jenny Wright - Aylesbury) and Strawberry Thieves (London): 11am till 5pm, FoR, Peace House, 19 Paradise Street, We learnt: Oh Mr Putin, Danses des bombes and Don't Believe what you read in the papers. We didn't learn Badger Song, Deserter and Tom Paines Bones (they didn't cut the mustard). Photos thanks to Martin Vickers (Strawberry Thieves)

8thFeb 2014 at 12.00 noon: Concerned citizens, including Sarah L., Owen, Mike, Jane, Emma and Siobhan, and the Raised Voices of London choir converged on Reading Police Station on Saturday 8 February to report on crimes being committed at the Atomic Weapons Establishment (AWE) nuclear bomb factories in Aldermaston and Burghfield, Berkshire. In conjunction with Action AWE (Atomic Weapons Eradication), calling on the police to arrest government and AWE officials responsible for nuclear warhead production and deployment, which facilitate preparations to use nuclear weapons, contrary to International Humanitarian Law. The crime ref. no. was EA4402481-**.
Click on the image below to see a video clip

1st Feb. 2014, Carfax, Oxford. Songs for the NHS Support Rally, Feb 1st, 2014 Noon. 1.Its the same the whole world over, 2. We got fooled again, 3.Fight the cuts, 4. Siyahamba, 5. Don't believe what they say...., 6. I/We want Rosa to stay, , . O Mr Cameron + Bandiera Rossa, 8 . Singabahamba, 9 . Fat Cat, 10. Internationale (Billy Braggs version)

With our eager supporter.

16th November 2013, One World Fair, 2.45pm Town Hall -
1. We have got the power, 2. We got fooled again, 3. Peace is on our shoulders, 4. Siyahamba, 5. Don't believe what they say....
6. We want Rosa to stay, 7. Foolish Notion, 8. O Mr Cameron + Bandiera Rossa, 9. Singabahamba, 10. We are not just against the fighting
11. Fat Cat, 12. One nuclear bomb, 13. Internationale

(sorry for the blurred pictures, we appear to have asked the only Japanese tourist in Oxford with little idea how to take a picture)
26 Sept. 2013 'Events' play by David Grieg, North Wall theatre, Summertown.

Video clip of last verse of Siyhamba which opened the play
(only the back view I'm afraid - still it may induce some memories) -
If the movie does not play when you click on the link you should download it (right click and 'Save As' - see Downloads page) and open it in Windows Media Player.

Backstage getting ready; Final song of show: 'We are here'

Fiona, Eliane and Alistair; Nicola, Bob and Jane before the show. Outside the theatre: Polina (animateur), Don, Rudi (star).

Rudi Dharmalingam on stage; Script

The Events: The North Wall, Oxford, Thursday 3rd October 2013 in Oxford Times Theatre Reviews By Angie Johnson, *****
The North Wall arts centre continues to programme some of the best contemporary touring theatre available and their latest coup was to host one of the most lauded productions to come out of this year’s Edinburgh Festival — The Events by David Greig. The ‘events’ refer to a shocking shooting spree in a seaside village unleashed against a community choir by a lone gunman.
This play explores the shock, bewilderment and anger of the aftermath through the eyes of traumatised local priest and choir leader Claire, played by Neve McIntosh. Her heartfelt performance is passionate, intelligent, and perfectly controlled as the time-shifting structure of the play interweaves her story before the attack with that of the very different Claire who emerges from it. The other actor in the piece, Rudi Dharmalingam, plays the disturbed teenage gunman and several smaller roles. As The Boy, he gives a well-judged and finely balanced portrayal that shines light into unimaginable darkness but is completely devoid of sensationalism.
Onstage throughout is the choir — singing out with passion both the dark and the light undercurrents that are at the heart of the story. In every venue of the tour local choirs are recruited to perform. On the night I went, Oxford’s Sea Green Singers and Sounds Fun performed with great accomplishment. Not only were they in great voice but many took on small acting vignettes too.
This cross-over of performers from choir to characterisations was an inspired touch from director Ramin Gray as it evoked a palpable community populated by individuals. As the Repetiteur, Magnus Gilljam directed both the blocking and the musical aspects of the choir perfectly. He pulled the whole piece together seamlessly as they flew through John Browne’s eloquent score with its wildly contrasting emotions. The play ends on a strong note of compassion, acceptance, and moving on, as choir, cast and audience join in a final song that brings the community together to heal.  
19-21 July 2013 Aberystwyth street choir festival: sang La Lega and We Got Fooled Again on stage (7 minutes) and busked from Levellers Day progamme

14th July General Meeting at Sarah H's house
4th July People and planets, Hogsacre common, sing and lead workshops for Tara's activists camp
15th June 2013: Second national choirs demo/protest sing in support of Action AWE in Reading and Burghfield on Saturday 15 June. Download replica (Word doc) of 'Action AWE Songbook' for Reading/Aldermaston demo': On April 20 and 15 June political choirs from all over the UK will come together to sing songs in support of Action AWE. Download small version printing double sided to A6: (printing instructions)

at Burghfield
18th May 2013 Levellers Day: SGS lead the singing of Internationale (old words), the Red Flag and the Levellers Song outside the church. We sang in the church after the procession from 1.30pm until 2pm: Rolling Home, Blood and Gold, Under the stars, War Machine, Tom Paines Bones, Bread and Roses, The Diggers Song, Senzenina. Recordings of some these are here: levellers page)

Oxfam farewell to their CEO Barbara. Thursday, 28 Feb 2013: Programme Haere Mai, Dinoke'eng tse Bablione, Janie Mama, Siyahamba, Nada et turbe, Nkosi Sikelel' iAfrika

Bury Street Choir Festival, July 13 - 15th 2012.
Saturday 30th June, 10.30– 4.30pm in St Columba’s Church Hall, - One voice - Singing workshop with Lester Simpson
of the a capella group Coope Boyes and Simpson, Alfred Street, Oxford OX1 4EH. -£12 early booking before 15th June - £15 on the door - £10 unemployed
Saturday, May 19th 2012, Levellers Day, Songs for levellers day: Levellers Day song, Which side are you on?, O Mr Cameron + Bandiera Rossa, I paradisi, Bread and Roses, Diggers, Siyahamba, Tom Paine’s bones, Singabahamba, Internationale, We are all under the stars
March 8th: Internationale Womens Day:
Morning at Oxfam singing at the start of conference: Singhaba Hamba ya Tina, No going back, We are all under the stars
Evening between 7.10 to 7.30 at the Town Hall singing:
Freedom is a voice, La lega, Nana was a suffragette, Bread and Roses, Wangari, Rosa Parks, Singabahamba, No going back, We are all under the stars

In Oxfam business centre, Cowley, for mid-day gig

In town hall rehearsing prior to evening gig - its a serious business!
Raise Your Banners political song festival at Bradford Nov 25 - 27th 2011. Performance at choirs concert Saturday afternoon:
August 7th 2011 Sunday, Lantern floating to commemorate Nagasaki Day, Donnington Bridge, Oxford. Only 5 people were available so we organised singing 'We want peace' (round).

Click on image to see a 45 second movie
July 9th Bobs birthday
at St Mary's church, Barton, on Bayswater Road just after the Headington Roundabout. .
Welcome - we're gonna sing together, Thina Simunye, War no More, La Lega, fight the cuts song, Siyahamba.
June 26th Wittenham festival, 1.30 in pub
15th May, Sunday, International Conscientious Objectors Day, at Peace Plaque in Bonn Square, 12.30pm when there will be some prayers etc organised by the four City Centre Ministers from the Faith in Action Group. The Fellowship of Reconciliation will also be there. Contributions from 4 City Centre Ministers from the Faith in Action Group and from The Fellowship of Reconciliation. Also from personal recollections of conscientious objectors. Songs: Foolish Notion, We've sung a 1000 songs of peace, Aint gonna study war,
14th May 2011, Levellers Day, Burford. 1. We are the Oxford Sea Green Singers, 2. Levellers Day Song, 3. FIght the cuts, 4. Which side are you on, 5. Not in my name, 6. Hard Times,
7. We'll fight on, 8. La lega, 9. William Brown, 10. It's the same the whole world over, 11. Joe Hill

2nd May Monday bank holiday 2011: After-May Day rally entertainment in 'Far from the Madding Crowd' pub, Oxford: Bella Ciao, Fight the Cuts, Its the same the whole world over, La Lega, Internationale, We'll fight on,Which side are you on, William Brown. Video clips of us in the pub on Youtube (also Horns of Plenty clips) on http://www.youtube.com/seagreensingers

11th December, Saturday Green Fair, Town Hall: 14.00hrs until 14.40hrs.
Intros by those shown in brackets. Videos can be seen at www.youtube.com/seagreensingers
Click on song titles below to hear mp3 files
Thina simunye, We are the Oxford SGS : verse one and 'We know that songs can change the world', Fight the cuts (to the tune of 'Rock my soul'), Siyahamba, Climate sceptic, Bringing peace, It's the same the whole world over, Singababahamba, Rosa Parks, Green Song, Freedom, Internationale

Saturday 27th November: Campsfield Anniversary demo at Main Gate and around fence

Shouting over the back fence to inmates - as we left they shouted back "bring a ladder next time"

something stirs in the soup?

click on image to see 'Wade in the water' movie clip

2 October 2010 - at "RAF" Croughton US Communication Base Oxon Peace campaign annual demo, part of the annual Keep Space for Peace Week: we organised singing and eat a huge amount of delicious food and heard some riveting speakers and had hoops. The pix are to encourage more people to come next year.

with party poppers!

notice the expert hip-swinger in the background:

and lion-taming practise!

and the police made sure nobody ran away with the flag.
21st September 2010: Unveiling of Peace Plaque in Bonn Square, 2.00 pm Aint gonna study war no more,Bringing Peace/Salaam, Siya Hamba
The plaque reads: 'Peace - To honour those who seek another path in place of violence and war'.

Levellers Day May 15th 2010 at Burford: Doug Hamilton, who sent us the 'climate sceptic' song sang in the middle of our slot

Song-list for Levellers Day May 15th at Burford: Hear recordings of some of the songs we sung:
La lega, Wangari, Don't fence the WTO in, Singabahamba, Somewhere on sea, Blood and Gold, Climate sceptic
Doug Hamilton sang Drop in the Ocean and Weight of the World, then we sang: 350, We are all under the stars.

Click on images below to enlarge them:

Who does the baby take after we ask?

Aldermaston Blockade - February 15th 2010, Main Gate

Movie of Dancing and Singing at Main Gate

Janet, Mike, Pierre, Sue and Sid freezing at the main gate

 SGS cheering up a security guard with Eh Malama with Sid radiating gently)
Green Fair - Town Hall - 12 December 2009 - Same songs as One World Fair

One World Fair - Town Hall - 21 November 2009 - Words to the songs in Word doc (2 pages)
Songs: Land of hope and hazard, Dont fence the WTO in, La Lega, More CO2 in the air, Siyahamba, Green Song, Bella Ciao, Wangari, Singabahamba yo Thina, 350, Right to life (Land Rights), Internationale. Meet at 2pm for quick run-through, perform at 2.15pm on steps. Hear the performances here under 'W'

Close Campsfield Campaign - 28th November 2009 - making a noise at the back of the camp where detainees can hopefully hear

On October 24th 2009, we joined Greenpeace and a broad coalition of groups participated in an international day of action singing at Bonn square, Oxford. Click to hear sound clips of the songs we sung: More CO2 in the air (Brick in the wall); Ed's got the whole world in his hand; Let coal be; When I needed a neighbour; Coal must have a cap on; No Coal (My girl);
Words of the songs here: Songsheet

Sids blue period

Whitby Street Choir Festival,
11th July 2009 - see clips at Youtube site of: I want to have a little bomb like you and Mangwala a Chechni . If you want a cd containing mp3 files of most of the final concert let me know.

'Amanda Weithu'
Plane Stupid Climate Change refugee camp 17th February 2009, Southampton airport: YouTube video of Greenpeace and sgs members Pete and Janet with Elbows soundtrack 'One day like this'.
Drinking in the morning sun/ Blinking in the morning sun/ Shaking off the heavy one/ Heavy like a loaded gun
Green Fair, Town Hall, 13th December 2008 - see clips at Youtube site of At the Coop, Hamba Kalale, E Malaama, They're building a wall, U Mandela, El Pueblo, Fair Trade Rant using Coffee words

One World, Town Hall, 17th November 2007: Weekend workshop given by Kirsty Martin: we learnt 'My Eyes Are Open'. Hear the Manchester Festival version with beatbox here; and the parts taught at the workshop here: bass, mid, high; and what we made of it here; and what we made of 'Your Love Keeps Lifting Me Higher'

One World Fair, Town Hall, 17th November 2007, The TEAM: 'Ginger and Fred' reincarnated (it was raining!) - click on the image to see the motion.

13-15th July 2007, 25th National Street Choir Festival, in Manchester,
CD's and DVD's available from Mike.


1. SGS concert performance,
Sequences from: 2. rehearsal; 3. mass sing, 4. busking, 5. concert performances, 6. after the concert in the bar. 7. still shots in the yha and of the group.

37 concert performances; teaching workshop sessions for 3 songs (1 from Nigeria, 1 from Zimbabwe, one English); other music; singing in the bar after the concert. For a detailed list click here The recordings are marred by the sound of the hard drive firing up now and then but if you imagine your grandmother is sewing in the next room and it sounds fine!

Busking in one of the dedicated concert spaces in a busy Manchester mall

6th June 2007:
At the official opening of Barracks Lane Community Garden:
Siya Hamba - We are Dancing in the Name of Peace (click on image left for movie)

At the multi-choral event in aid of Water Aid at the Friends meeting house, St Giles, 23rd March 2007

short sampler sound clips (mp3) of :

Full length
Ancient of Days (Oxford Gospel Choir)
Wade in the Water,
Goodnight Sweetheart (Oxford Community Choir)

Performances (windows media player .wmv video) at debate 'Can music change the world' at Ruskin College, Oxford, Feb 25th 7pm, organized by 5 Arts Cities - Key Changes, a joint initiative betweeen Five and the Arts Council. You can see them from this site or on Youtube (the latter of poorer quality:

From this site
We are the sea green singers
No Going Back
Internationale (Billy Bragg version)

Captain Crow, a multi-choir formal work about a slavery trader broadcast by the BBCOxford on April 20th 2007: click here to visit a link to the BBC website with the broadcast performance.

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