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Songs for Street Choir Festival 2016 - 24th to 26th June

We have chosen for the stage singing Txoria - Hegoak and John Ball: we need to remember them!

The songbook for Levellers day should suffice for the SCF here:
You can print your own songbook from the linked files. The choice is:
i): pdf files formatted as a booklet printed on both sides giving either a) an A5 book (i.e. A4 sheets folded down the middle): print the 10-off A4 pages from pdf file page 1, turn the sheets over and print off the second pdf file pg2 on the back;
b) an A6 booklet by doing the same but printing two sheets to each page if your printer allows on each side of the paper ending up with 5 A4 sheets.
pdf file for page 1
pdf file for page 2.

or ii) Print from the Word doc which will print 37pages in order.
Word doc

The book has the songs for Levellers, the Peace event, possible Street Choir Festival songs and the text to accompany 'We are all under the stars'.

Songs for the Mass Sing:

The songs for the mass sing at the SCF can be downloaded here:
( https://www.dropbox.com/sh/nq8mtnr320dsajy/AADkNxRFbzaKogXK6tyqnioEa?dl=0) and are:

• Ain't Gonna Study War (Roxane Smith)
This is one of Red Leicester’s absolute favourites with a rich blend of voices and a powerful, peaceful message.
• Different Ships (Kirsty Martin) which we haven't sung before
This was written back in the 90s, and is still very relevant today. We have many refugees in Leicester and we sing this song in solidarity with them. We are delighted that Kirsty will be leading this song.
• E Malama (Nickomo)
We really like this. With today’s climate change and (wo)man’s effect on the earth, we really need an earth blessing.
• Never Turning Back (Pat Humphries) - this is on our web site but we haven't sung it since I have been coming, something like the last 8 years or so.
We love the fullness of the sound of six parts going together at once sending a resolute message of solidarity and strength of purpose.
• Singing For Our Lives (Holly Near arr. Jane Schonveld and Val Regan)
We remember singing this in Sheffield and really enjoying it. We think that this song personifies our twin themes of Solidarity and Diversity.
And, of course…….
• The Internationale (Billy Bragg)
This song needs no introduction and is a joyous rallying cry in these days of austerity and division.

Contents of Levellers songbook for busking at SFC:
Click in the table for song sheets/sheet music or to play the mp3 files of parts or download as described below.
If you have trouble playing midi files there is an open source music score program which plays midi files through your sound card. http://musescore.org

Alphabetical list:
* Fat Cat - Don
* Fight the cuts - ?
* I want Rosa to stay - Emma
* Internationale (old version) - ?
* John Ball - Hazel
* Levellers Day Song - Mike
Let us in - ?
* Nana was a suffragette - ?
* No going back - Sarah
* Red Flag - ?
* Rosa Parkes - Liz
* This is my prayer for peace - no-one
* Tom Paine's Bones - Sue
* We are all under the stars - Gill or Liz
* We are the Oxford SGS...(introductory song)
* We've sung a 1000 songs of peace - ?
* Which side are you on - ?
* African songs: Siyahamba, Singabahamba

Peace event in Bonn Square the day after Levellers Day: 15thay 2016 also for busking at SFC
Bringing peace is on my shoulders - Becky
Foolish Notion - Sue
Lay down your sword and shield - no-one
We are for peace (We are not just against the fighting) - Hazel
We are all under the stars - Gill or Liz
* Where have all the flowers gone (to be sung with audience support at Peace event) - ?

Lyrics & Song sheets
in Church
Songs for stage:            
Txoria Txori - Hegoak - prononciation bass - SW
bass - midi
ten - SW
tenor - midi
alto - SW
alto - midi
sop - Leire
sop - midi

All - midi
All - equal voice

John Ball  
Busking Songs:            
If All The Might of Darkness    
Singing for our Lives; score& MP3 parts
(We are the Oxford SeaGreen Singers)
Internationale - arr. SW    
(The) Red Flag - rhythmn  
Fight the cuts (tune:Rock my soul)      
all - sgs at Green fair 2010
Nana was a suffragette
Tom Paines Bones - Tune - sgs
Rosa Parks recordings by Sheffield Soc. Ch.
No Going Back - FS
I want Rosa to stay - lyrics
Score - pdf file - 3 pages
Je veux accueillir Rose - francais
Fat Cat
Which Side Are You On
Let us in: Calais refugee song - Ch word rhythmn

Ch - bass - midi
same as tenor

Ch - Ten - sgs
Ch - Ten - midi

This is my prayer for peace - full version
sgs version (round)
We've Sung a 1000 song of peace
Levellers day song - authors lyrics, SW arrangement.
Peace event in Bonn Square the day after Levellers Day
Aint gonna study war no more
Bringing Peace/Salaam - Sarah W solo voice
Foolish Notion
We are (for Peace) - (not just against the fighting)

tenor - SW

Where have all the flowers gone        
Siya Hamba - We are Singing in the Name of Peace  
Singabahambayo Thina - prononciation  

Note on viewing and downloading music, movies and pix

Open files by clicking on them. Sheet music can be printed from the browser. If there is more than one sheet of music the individual sheets can be shown by clicking anywhere on the sheet. To download files onto your computer you should right-click with you mouse as the mouse cursor hovers over the link and choose 'save link as' if you use the Firefox web browser or 'save target as' if you use Internet Explorer.

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