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Sea Green Singers - No Going Back - Score and Lyrics - To see an enlarged A4 image click on the image - original score
Score on 2 pages: Verses, page 1, Chorus, page 2

No Going Back - By Mal Finch, arr: B Westacott

1. All parts - The world is turning, changing, with the seasons of the year,
Flowers grow where once the earth was cold and bare.
Streams feed the rivers, rivers feed the sea.
And the strength of my, friends will feed the change in me.

(For there is) no going, back
There is no limit now, No going back,
We're too deep in it now, No going back,
We're different women now, No going back.

2. All parts - Since the miner's strike has ended a new life has begun,
We're different women after all we've seen and done.
All women - We've learned the world's divided, and we have made our choice,
We may have lost a battle but we've found a voice.
And there is...
3. Solo man - Life's hard if you're a worker, it's harder if you're black,
It's hard when you are old or poor or get the sack.
Solo woman - It's harder for a woman when she tries to say
That she doesn't think the kitchen sink is where she'll stay
And there is...

Women only, no bass 'domming'
4. Some families deny it some families understand
That a woman's' rights are equal to the rights of man.
So if you call me "sister" when I join your picket line,
Better be there with me brother when I fight for mine.....
For there is....

5. All parts - Alone I'm going, nowhere, but with friends here by my side,
We'll face a better future and the storm we'll ride.
All parts - We'll finish what we started, go on as we begin,
We've only chains to lose and all the world to win....
And there is....