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Sea Green Singers
Levellers Day Songs,
16th May 2015, Sat, meet 10am at church

Saturday, 16th May, 10.00h: Song, with people doing intro's are:

Words for songs not in the booklet can be downloaded and printed here as:
1): Levellers song book as Word doc with all songs including new verse 2 for Internationale*
or 2): same document as double sided booklet consisting of two pdf files, one for odd numbers; one for even numbers being the front and the back pages; (does have revised verse 2 for Internationale*)

*Note that the second verse of Internationale is:
No more deluded by reaction
On tyrants only we’ll make war
The soldiers too will take strike action
They’ll break ranks and fight no more
And if those cannibals keep trying
To sacrifice us to their pride
They soon shall hear the bullets flying
We’ll shoot the generals on our own side.

Singing order and intro's (page numbers of songs in booklet below in bold):
32 - We are the Oxford Sea Green Singers (Gentle, angry people, Red and green together)
Becky gives a welcome
12 - Fight the cuts (no-one, self-explanatory)
26 - We got fooled again Mike
28 - Don't believe what you read in the papers Bridget
10 - Great Pretender Hazel
28 - We will fight on Sarah W

30 - Diggers Pete
32 - Levellers Day Song Sue

14 - I want Rosa to stay Liz
4 - Bella Ciao (education) Ann W
1 - Bankers Song ? Bridget
8 - Bugger the bankers Gil
16 - It's the same the whole world over (no-one, self-explanatory)
27 -We're all in this together Pete

Becky gives a thanks and 'come and join us!'

Songs in the Political booklet with Levellers Day songs in bold

Bankers Song 1
Bella Ciao - Sing for the climate 1
Bella Ciao - Sing for the NHS 2
Bella Ciao - We are Singing Against War 3
Bella Ciao - We are Singing For Education 3
Big NHS Rip Off 4
Bugger the bankers 5
Class War 6
Fat Cat 7
Fight the Cuts 8
Great Pretender (Ode To Osborne) 8
It's the same the whole world over 9
NHS - SOS 11
Ode to Privatisation, 11
Oh we do like to demonise the bankers 13
Oh Mr Cameron 13
Sleeping in Doorways - Oxford Town 14
Tory Boys Picnic 15
Vote the bastards out 16
We Got Fooled Again 16
We're all in this together 18
We'll fight on 19
What the papers say 19
Wave bye bye to PFI (Hokey Cokey)

Extra songs for Levellers:
Internationale: old Eugene Pottier version with changed verse 2*
Diggers Song
I want Rosa to stay
Levellers Day song
We are the Oxford SeaGreen Singers - Singing for our lives

Bankers Song    
Bella Ciao - NHS version
Bella Ciao - Singing for Education
Bugger the bankers
Bugger the bankers - NHS version
(The) Diggers Song
Don't Believe What You Read in the Papers - see What the Papers Say          
Fight the cuts (tune:Rock my soul)      
all - sgs at Green fair 2010
Great Pretender
Internationale - arr. SW - Eugene Pottier version  
Its the same the whole world over
sop - as tune
I want Rosa to stay - lyrics
Score - pdf file
Levellers Day Song        
Oh we do like to demonize the bankers: see Bankers Song.          
We're All In This Together
Singing for our Lives; score& MP3 parts
(We are the Oxford SeaGreen Singers)
We will fight on - words
We'll fight on - pdf score and words
(from STh = Strawberry Thieves version of S. African song Amen Siakudumisa)
We Got Fooled Again     Sound files    
What the Papers Say - or Don't believe what you read in the papers  

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