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Sea Green Singers
Levellers Day Songs,
20th May 2015, Sat, meet 10am at church (probably)

Saturday, 16th May, 10.00h: Song, (intro's to follow) are:

Liz Hodgson knows what to practise with you when she takes two rehearsals before Levellers Day - that's 24th April and 8th May. We won't meet on 1st May which is a Bank Holiday. Liz is not available on 15th May so you'll have to run that rehearsal yourselves and go through as many of the songs as possible. Liz will be there on Levellers Day. She's looking forward to working with you - remember, she was the founder of the group!

Booklets for words for songs.
1): Levellers song book as Word doc
or 2): same document as double sided booklet consisting of two pdf files, one for odd numbers; one for even numbers being the front and the back pages;

Songs in alphabetical order:
We are the Oxford Sea Green Singers (Gentle, angry people, Red and green together)
Bread and Roses
Bonny Besses (not in songbook)
Chartist Anthem
Diggers song
Jute Mill Song
La lega
Let us in (Calais refugee song)
Never turning back (We're going to keep on marching forward..)
Rolling Home
The Levellers Day song
Tom Paine
Which side are you on

Levellers Day Song        
(The) Diggers Song
Peterloo - Chorus
Peterloo - Verse
Bonny Besses
Chartist Anthem Ewan MacColl - Intro
Chartist Anthem
Men of the honest heart
Jute Mill Song
Internationale - arr. SW - Eugene Pottier version  
Rolling Home
Let us in: Calais refugee song - Ch word rhythmn

Ch - bass - midi
same as tenor

Ch - Ten - sgs
Ch - Ten - midi

Singing for our Lives; score& MP3 parts
(We are the Oxford SeaGreen Singers)
Tom Paines Bones - Tune - sgs
La Lega (English)
Italian score - La Lega (mp3)
Siya Hamba - We are Singing in the Name of Peace
Which Side Are You On
Bread and Roses - with 5 verses
Original photo copy score
Never Turning Back
- score & MP3 from Protest in Harmony

' We keep on marching on'

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