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Sea Green Singers - Tolpuddle Man - Chorus in unison - Full score with Verses

Tolpuddle Man - Graham Moore - verses sung Solo, chorus sung in harmony

Farewell to my family, it's now I must leave you
That far fatal shore in chains we shall see
Although we are taken, do not be mistaken
As brothers in union we shall be free

They can bring down our wages and
Starve all our children
In chains they can bind us, and steal all our land
They can mock our religion
From our family divide us
But they can't break the oath of a Tolpuddle man

To those who rule us we are the Dissenters
Do your duty be thankful don't complain we are taught
For God in his wisdom divided his Kingdom
For few to have much while so many have nought

As brothers together with an oath we will bind us
The labouring man in all England shall rise
Though Frampton has framed us they never will tame us
Arise men of Britain we'll yet win the prize.