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Sea Green Singers - Art not in your name - Shell version - lyrics and score - Click on score for larger version

Art not in your name - Jenny Wrght (tune from Oh Brother where art thou)

1. (unison) - As-I went down to the riv-er to pray where once as chil-dren we had played,
the trees were felled, the wat-er black, tar sands swept all a-way

Oh, Shell not your name! No more oil, no more pain! Oh, shell not your name! Art not in your name

2. (harmony) - As I went down to the del-ta to sow, the food our moth-ers once had grown.
The oil has pois-ened earth we moan, gas glares bring nought but woe.

3. (quiet) - As we went up to te Art tic coast, to shrink ing ice the bears call home.
A strand-ed rig, the threat of spills, with fear my heart is filled.

4. (loud) - As we went down to the riv-er to sing, voices 'round South-Bank walls did ring,
The lies ex-posed, the spin un-spun, our song now has be-gun.