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Sea Green Singers - Olive Tree - by Rima Nasir Tarazi score and lyrics - click on image for graphic

The Olive Tree - by Rima Nasir Tarazi

1. I am like an olive tree, my roots are in the land, I must give it love and care so I will save my land.
2. See its branches 'neath the sky, like silver in the sun, shimmer in the winter light and rustle in the breeze

Chorus: Come my dear friends let us dance around the olive tree, Come my dear friends let us sing beneath the olive tree

3. See the farmer, how he works to bring us food each day, let us join with him, dear friends, to help him on his way
4 . We are all like olive trees, our roots are in the soil, We'll stay planted on our land, no matter what befall

The original song has a chorus after each verse and another verse inserted after verse 2:
See the olives, black and green, delicious is their taste, we eat them with thyme and oil to give us health and strength.